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View trip history, habits, and statistics.
Set up Geo-fences, and get alerts and notifications.
Knowledge base, FAQ and 24/7 support.
Insightful Driving

Intelligent Driving


Find your vehicle anytime with the tap of a button


Create, customize and position multiple Geo-Fences. And get alerts when your vehicle enters or leaves these fences.

Good Driving Habits

Make sure your loved one is driving safely and keep track every action of your vehicle, including speed, acceleration, and hard breaking.

Driver Safety Score

High Risk Driver Low Risk Driver

Family 1st Driver safety Score Reports are based on:

Total miles driven
Miles driven at or above 80 mph
Hard or extreme breaking activity
Hard acceleration activity
Time spent driving very late at night.

  • Miles Driven -
    0 1000 or more
    In general, the more miles your teen drives, the more likely they are to have an accident.

  • Speeding over 80 mph -
    0 10 or more
    Accidents are more likely to occur and cause more damage at or above 80 mph

  • Hard Breaking -
    0 10 or more
    Hard breaking occurs when a vehicle’s speed rapidly decreases. Frequent hard braking indicates risky driving behavior.

  • Hard Acceleration -
    0 10 or more
    Hard acceleration occurs when a vehicle’s speed rapidly increases. Frequent hard accelerations indicate risky driving behavior

  • Late Night Driving -
    0 10 or more
    Driving between the hours of midnight - 4 a.m. increases the likelihood of your teen getting into an accident


Be Better Informed


Large number of historical as well as real time reports.


Customizable alerts related to your vehicle - battery, ignition, speed, location, etc.

Multiple users

Get information of all your family members. Add multiple users and devices and view them on one screen.

Always Helpful

Stay Connected with your Family

Be informed with reports, alerts and vehicle diagnostics

$24.95per month

** One time device charge

  • Integrated GPS
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • No Contract
  • Supports SMS connectivity
  • Mobile apps for both Android and iOS
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