Does Speeding Really Get You There Faster?


Does speeding really help you get there faster? Today we’ll take a closer look, and what you find might just help you relax a bit next time you’re en route and concerned about time.

 Consider this: if the speed limit is 55 and you’re going 65 for a distance of fifteen miles, you save a little under three minutes (source: Jalopnik). That’s with no traffic to worry about, no slowing down, and no officers of the law who have every reason to stop you and make you far more late than you ever would have been at the speed limit.

According to that same chart, you really only make a significant dent in time if you’re exceeding the speed limit for hundreds of miles –  and even then, you’re looking at shaving an hour off an eight hour road trip –  and you’re incurring that much more risk of legal and safety issues.

In the end, speeding probably makes you feel like you’re proactively doing something about the fact that you’re running late, but the risks involved don’t seem to be worth the little you actually gain in time. Tickets are expensive, and accidents can carry an even higher cost. We strongly recommend sticking to the speed limit at all times, for your own benefit, that of those around you, and because you’re not really getting there much faster, anyway!



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