Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Encourage your teen to get active every day: If your teen doesn’t participate in organized sports during the summer months, encourage her to find ways to stay active. Challenge her to ride her bike five miles per day or to swim at the town pool several times a week. Plan family activities that involve exercise: Go hiking as a family on the weekends or go for a walk every evening after dinner. Look for new activities you can try as a family, too. Whether you experiment with frisbee golf or you take surfing lessons together, make fitness fun.

Summer brain drain can be a real problem, especially if your teen spends his days playing video games. Encourage him to get involved in activities that will help him keep his mind sharp. Help him discover fun activities that encourage learning. Think about the future: Summer is a great time to encourage your teen to focus a little on the future. Visit a college together or help arrange for your teen to job shadow someone who works in a career that interests him.Encourage your teen to read: Take a weekly trip to the library and challenge your teen to read a new book each week. Encourage him to explore new genres or to start a book club with friends. Reading can help keep your teen’s brain active and it can turn him into a lifelong learner.Use electronics in a healthy way: Rather than staring at a screen, encourage your teen to build a website or learn graphic designing.



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