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The Family1st Magnetic case comes in a smooth black design and blends seamlessly to the underside of any vehicle or equipment that needs to be monitored. Its durable design and construction protects the portable tracker from rain, mud, dirty roads, snow and ice and keeps the tracker as good as new. This is a recommended accessory for Family1st Portable.

Product Specifications

  • Excellent choice for covert GPS tracking

  • Weather and waterproof

  • Anti-rust coated

  • Mount firmly attaches to any clean magnetic surface

  • Size: 3.7 in X 2.6 in X 1.9 in

  • Made of highly durable plastic

  • Pull force of 55 pounds

Family, Vehicle & More.

If you feel a set of training wheels may be needed for a new driver, or if a teen driver is displaying unsafe or dangerous habits like speeding, or if you simply want to know their whereabouts during these challenging times, we provide you with the means to view them 24 hours a day from any computer, tablet or phone.
View trip history, habits, and statistics.
Set up Geofences, get alerts, and notifications.
Knowledge base, FAQ, and 24/7 support.
Insightful Driving

Intelligent Driving


Locate your vehicle anytime with the touch of a button.


Create, customize, and position multiple Geofences. Receive alerts whenever your vehicle enters or exits these Geofences.

Good Driving Habits.

With access to our “Hard Brake,” “Speed,” and “Acceleration” monitoring services, you can rest in full confidence that your loved ones will be driving safely.

Driver Safety Score

High Risk DriverLow Risk Driver

Family1st Driver Safety Score Reports are based on:

Total miles driven. Miles driven at or above 80 Mph. Hard or extreme braking activity. Hard acceleration activity. Hours spent driving late at night.
  • Miles Driven - 0 1000 or more In general, the more miles your teen drives, the more likely they are to have an accident.
  • Speeding over 80 mph - 0 10 or more Accidents are more likely to occur and cause more damage at or above 80 mph
  • Hard Braking - 0 10 or more Hard breaking occurs when a vehicle’s speed abruptly decreases. Frequent hard braking indicates dangerous driving habits.
  • Hard Acceleration - 0 10 or more Hard acceleration occurs when a vehicle’s speed abruptly increases. Frequent hard accelerations indicate dangerous driving habits.
  • Late Night Driving - 0 10 or more Driving between the hours of midnight - 4 a.m. increases the likelihood of your teen getting into an accident

Be Better Informed


With access to a large database of both historical and real-time monitoring reports.


Our customizable Monitoring alerts include: Battery, Ignition, Speed, Location, and much more.

Multiple Drivers

Keep track of all your loved ones by adding multiple drivers and devices to your plan. Monitor them all from one comprehensive map.

Always Helpful
Silver color iPhone
  • Integrated GPS
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • No Contract
  • Supports SMS connectivity
  • Mobile apps for both Android and iOS

Built On An Unsurpassed Roadside Network, Trusted By 80 Million Drivers Nationwide.

The provider network is one of the nation’s largest, covering over 99.4% of zip codes and
handles over 10 million events – each year. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye –
which is why we have their trained response agents on hand to help you with roadside issues
and get you back on the road. Prices are up to 40% off local prices.

Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Uber-Like & Interface
  • Towing
  • Jump-Starts
  • Flat Tires
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Vehicle Lockout
  • Vehicle Stuck (Winch)


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Warranty : 1 year warranty from date of purchase

What you need to do:

  • 1. Please order your tracker by clicking on the BUY NOW link. The monthly service charge will be activated only after your 2 weeks of free service expires.
  • 2. To access your account in, use the login name and password received by email.
  • 3. Once logged in, you can view and manage your tracking information and explore the many features included in your new GPS tracking system.
  • 4. You simply download the free app on your phone or login online and you can start tracking immediately.
  • 5. If you are missing the login or the password, please contact