Teen Spotlight-Ann Makosinki

Every teen has innovative ideas. Their fresh perspective on the world around them can lead to huge changes in society. Today we are highlighting an inventor from Canada named Ann Makosinski. Although she is 20 now, her big ideas started to roll in during her teen years.

Ann has been a guest on The Tonight Show, featured in Times Magazine as well as Forbes, and has made appearances in numerous other places as well.

Her first major invention is the Hollow Flashlight. This flashlight runs off the heat of your hand! Her inspiration for creating this device was a friend of Ann’s who lived in the Philippines. This friend had no light in her home to study with at night and this ultimately caused her to fail her grade.

What an amazing example Ann has set for teens everywhere. If we notice the struggles of others, and apply ourselves to being of service to those who need it, we can make history.

Ann’s newest noteworthy invention is the eDrink, a drinking mug that uses the heat from a warm beverage to re-charge cell phones. This impressive invention won Ann an award at the 2015 Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

We have only touched on some of the awesome things that Ann is doing here in this article. Check out her website to learn more about her genius ideas.

We believe your teen is overflowing with bright ideas as well. Share this article with them to get them inspired.

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