Teen Spotlight-Paige Brown

At 17 years old Paige Brown, of Bangor, Maine, came up with a way to take harmful phosphorus out of the streams in her area. Paige managed to do this by extracting a gel like substance called alginate, from seaweed. The she mixed this with aluminum and magnesium. It was them balled up and attached to hair clips to create a purifier of sorts.

After storms, debris builds up in streams and small rivers, causing a destructive process called eutrophication to take place. The phosphorus from leaves and debris contaminates the water causing too much algae to grow. This can ultimately cause extinction for an entire species if left unchecked.

This invention could potentially help the 780 million people word wide who don’t have access to clean water. Intel recognized Paige at the Intel Science Talent Search and awarded her $150,000 dollars for college tuition.

We’re very impressed by Paige, here at Family1st! We really hope this invention proves to be helpful in providing clean water around the globe.

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