Weatherproof Magnetic Case
For Portable GPS Tracker
The Perfect waterproof magnetic stash box to protect your covert GPS tracker firmly under the vehicle or any surface
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The Family1st Magnetic case comes in a smooth black design and blends seamlessly to the underside of any vehicle or equipment that needs to be monitored. Its durable design and construction protects the portable tracker from rain, mud, dirty roads, snow and ice and keeps the tracker as good as new. This is a recommended accessory for Family1st Portable.

Best For Covert Tracking:

Covertly stash your real-time GPS tracking device which can be affixed to any clean metallic surface in any environment.

Waterproof & Weatherproof:

This all-weather airtight dry box helps to protect your valuable things from any unexpected water damage such as rain, flood and a lot more.

Magnetic Attachment:

With powerful heavy-duty twin magnets, you can attach the entire case firmly to any clean metallic surface which has a pull force of 55 pounds; you can also affix the case under the hood of a car, bus, truck, lorry or to the bottom of the strongbox.

Made Out of:

High quality durable Polycarbonate (PC)

Best to use with:

Family1st Portable 4G LTE GPS Tracker

Magnetic Case For GPS Tracker Specifications

Excellent choice for covert GPS tracking
Weather and waterproof
Anti-rust coated
Mount firmly attaches to any clean magnetic surface
Size: 3.7 in X 2.6 in X 1.9 in
Made of highly durable plastic
Pull force of 55 pounds