Our GPS Tracking Products

Top-rated, fast, reliable devices with service designed to fit any family’s needs.
Track Real-Time
SMS/Email Alerts
Engine Diagnostics
Driver Safety Reports
Magnetic Case
Weather and waterproof Covert Anti-rust coated 55lb pull force
Track Real-Time
SMS/ Email Alerts
Driver Safety Reports

Parental Control App
Parental Control App
View texts and callers
View installed apps
Track Location
Access Reporting
Key Logging

The smart and easy way to monitor your teen's driving

GPS Tracking For Your Vehicle And Teen Driver

Track your car real time from anywhere. Get alerts. Driver safety reports.
No Contract – Cancel Anytime

Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker Features

Monitor driving behavior using the reports
Locate the vehicle or asset using gps tracker

Why choose Family1st GPS Tracking Devicest?

  • Easy to install GPS Tracking app Easy To InstallSimply plug in the device underneath the steering wheel. No special skills required!
  • Easy to use GPS Tracking appEasy To UseDesigned with You in mind
  • Receive alertsIn The LoopReceive instant text/email alerts for speeding and dangerous driving
  • Safety reportsNew drivers use our safety reports to help teens improve their driving
  • safety firstSafety FirstInstant notifications of vehicle malfunction
  • save moneySave $Good safety scores = lower insurance costs

Stolen Vehicle Recovery with GPS Tracking

Our real-time tracking keeps you in the loop, in case of theft. We can provide the street address, latitude/longitude coordinates, and even the direction that the vehicle is traveling to keep your teen safe. In 2012 there were nearly a million car thefts in America. Don’t be a victim, be in the know. Instant alerts for ignition on/off can help you nip a theft in the bud before they even get away with your car, truck, or trailer.
Our hardwired device is completely concealed under the dashboard, and portable devices can be kept under seats, or in a magnetic case under the vehicle for covert tracking.

View Texts, Callers, Location, Key Strokes, Installed Apps and more.

We give you the right information to help protect your children while they are using their phones. You’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not your child is affected by the growing number of serious online threats such as cyberbullying, cyberpredators, and app addiction.

Tracking devices – A win for both insurance companies and families
Insurance companies have realized that a GPS tracker can help them give incentives to insurance holders in general and families adding teens on their policies in particular…..
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See What Our Clients Say
Convenient and great device!
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"Truly an amazing company! . The device was to be used by my father and the customer service rep helped him with everything he wanted, from setting up the device to telling him how to use the system. She helped us with an awesome feature called geofencing as well. Now it can help us been less stressed about my dad’s whereabouts. My father is not a patient man. So knowing this company can handle him means they have their stuff together. You have made a customer for life out of me!"

Samuel Jones

Useful Little Device!
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"This is actually a pretty cool little device. Just had to activate the link and plug it into my car and it worked, no problem. So far, it's working consistently wherever I go. Quite happy with the features that are available on the app. Really useful and does what it claims."

Vaughn Paul Manley

Awesome device
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"This device is everything you can ask for in a tracking device, the satellite view and mapping is on point, to not say perfect. Highly recommended, trust me it worth everything penny and for that price I couldn’t ask for more. Also, they have and awesome customer support."


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