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Safe Zone

Set up automatic alerts. Know every time
your children, pets, elderly, teens, or your valuables,
cross out of a pre-selected fenced area.


Get notified if your battery is low so that you
do not miss any tracking time or get SOS alerts after
the panic button is pressed.

Recover Lost

Locate your stolen vehicles and properties by
checking the platform updates.


Enable alerts and get notified when your
cherished items are stolen and taken away.

How To Use GPS Device:

To Activate service, please go to family1st activation page.

Login in to your platform using the information that emailed to you to start tracking.

Read the Quick Start Guide to set up your device and begin tracking.

Choose a GPS Tracker


Family1st Portable GPS

Family1st Plug in GPS
Tracker-Best OBD GPS

Family1st Belle+
Medical Alert for Seniors





Real-time GPS Tracking

Easy Setup


Appropriate for tracking vehicles

Appropriate for tracking people

Appropriate for tracking valuables

Battery powered

Powered by vehicle/assets

Switchable between vehicles

Choose a GPS Tracker

Know where your loved ones or
precious things are!

Video Testimonials

It is the peace of mind that I get (knowing) where my car is.


Video Testimonials

It is the peace of mind that I get (knowing) where my car is.

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30-days Money Back Guarantee

Read the Quick Start Guide to set up your device and begin tracking.

Long Time Battery Life

This GPS tracker is built with an extended 2400 mAh Li-Polymer re-chargeable battery which lasts up to 14+ days with 1hr of motion updates

Lifetime Warranty

We at Family1st, stand by our products and provide unlimited support and a lifetime warranty.

Real-time 7 days a week live support

With a lightning-fast 4G LTE network, our GPS LTE tracker offers an honest and secret way to track vehicles, teens, spouses, pets, seniors, luggage, and all other valuables.

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Family1st in the news

The Family1st GPS Trackers utilize advanced, innovative technology to preserve and protect loved ones, pets and valuables 24/7.

The device has a long lasting battery which can be recharged.It can provide real time tracking and can alert when the geofence boundary is entered or exited.

The company’s portable GPS tracker enables individuals to keep track of anything, anytime, anywhere with the lowest subscription costs in the nation.