Welcome to Family1st!
Your Ultimate Solution
for Peace of Mind.

About us

Welcome to Family1st, an industry-leading GPS device manufacturer based in the United States for more than 10+ years. We have 1 Million plus devices deployed and a large number of active and current users.

In today's fast-paced world, security and connectivity are essential. That's why we introduce the Family1st GPS Device – your ultimate peace of mind solution. Our GPS device offers powerful features and unmatched benefits, your trusted partner for tracking, security, convenience and peace of mind.

We understand the importance of your family and assets, and we're dedicated to helping you protect what matters most.

Our Mission

At Family1st, our mission is to provide an invaluable sense of peace and reassurance to families around North America. We are committed to achieving this by enabling families to remain closely connected and well-informed about the whereabouts and daily activities of their beloved family members in real-time.

In a fast-paced and increasingly digital age, where distances often separate us, we believe in the power of technology to bridge these gaps and foster stronger bonds among family members.