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Medical Device FAQ


Medical Device FAQs

Last Update 7 days ago

Browse through a compilation of frequently asked questions that are commonly addressed. If you have a question, there's a good chance you'll find the answer here.

What do I do when the Family1st Medical Alert first arrives?

Upon the arrival of Family1st Medical Alert, connect the charging cradle and position the device into the cradle as demonstrated. Family1st Medical Alert will vibrate and announce "Charging." It typically takes 2-3 hours to fully charge. While charging, the red battery light will flash every 5 seconds, and once the device is fully charged, the light will remain solid. When the activation process is finished, Family1st Medical Alert will state, "Your device is now active. Please press your button." To assess the fall detection feature of Family1st Medical Alert, hold the device above eye level in one hand and drop it into the palm of your other hand at waist level. If a fall is detected, Family1st Medical Alert will declare, "Fall detected. Press the call button to cancel." You have a window of 12 seconds to cancel a fall by pressing the call button, and the device will respond with, "Fall detection canceled." If the fall is not canceled within this timeframe, you will hear tones or ringing followed by a voice message. A specialist will answer the call. If your Family1st Medical Alert does not pass the test successfully, please contact support immediately.

How much does the Family1st Medical Alert weigh?

The weight of the Family1st Medical Alert unit is 2.6 oz.

Is the Family1st Medical Alert water-resistant?

The Family1st Medical Alert has an IPX7 water-resistance rating, meaning it can withstand water exposure. However, it is important not to fully submerge the device. Instead, after any contact with water, the Family1st Medical Alert should be dried thoroughly with a towel.

How do users make a call with the Family1st Medical Alert?

Continuously press the call button until the call light illuminates a steady blue color and the device starts vibrating. This will establish a connection with an emergency care specialist who can communicate with and track the user's location. Depending on the situation, the specialist will dispatch either emergency assistance or notify the user's loved ones for support.

How can I check the location of the Family1st Medical Alert?

To access, use the email address and password you set up during activation. On the dashboard, you have the option to select Find or Track under the locator. Please keep in mind that using the tracking feature will drain the battery of the Family1st Medical Alert device. Alternatively, you can locate the Family1st Medical Alert using the Belle+ App on your mobile device.

What are emergency contacts? How do I update them on the account?

Emergency contacts are people who can receive text and email notifications when the Family1st Medical Alert device requires charging or turns off. They can also be reached out to during and/or after an emergency, as well as in non-emergency scenarios. To include or modify emergency contacts, please get in touch with your PERS dealer.

How do I charge the Family1st Medical Alert? How long does the Family1st Medical Alert battery last before it needs recharging? How long does it take to recharge?

To charge Family1st Medical Alert, plug the charging cradle into a wall socket and place the device on top with the speaker facing up and the call button below. The device will indicate "charging" when connected. While charging, the red battery light will flash every 5 seconds. Once fully charged, the battery light will remain solid red, indicating it's ready to be removed from the cradle. Typical charging time is 2-3 hours. The battery life of Family1st Medical Alert can last up to 7 days, depending on signal strength and usage. It consumes more power in low signal areas or when location information is requested. Battery life may vary, similar to a cell phone. In case of a low battery, the red battery light will flash every 10 seconds.

How can I restart the Family1st Medical Alert?

To restart Family1st Medical Alert, hold the power button on the right side until the blue call light turns on. The device cannot make calls while off. Press and hold the power button to turn it back on. The device will announce the battery level: "Battery OK" or "Battery low, please charge." The lights around the call button will be solid for 5 seconds, followed by the blue call light flashing every 5 seconds. Wait for two minutes after restarting before using the call button.

How can I update the Family1st Medical Alert userÔÇÖs information, such as address, allergies or lockbox?

To update information about the Family1st Medical Alert user, contact your PERS dealer or you can update it here.

How can I change my accountÔÇÖs password, address, phone number or email?

To update any information on your account, kindly contact your PERS dealer.

How can I view and download location history?

To access the most recent location history, you can click on "History" within the device information section in the caregiver portal or mobile app. If you made a FIND request or enabled tracking, the location history will be recorded. Specify the desired number of days or hours to view on the map. To download the history, provide the specific dates you wish to view and click on "Update."

What makes the Family1st Medical Alert different from other mobile personal emergency response systems?

Family1st Medical Alert is a mobile personal emergency response system equipped with 4G LTE technology, allowing two-way voice communication. It includes fall detection, as well as GPS, WiFi, and cellular triangulation for location-based services. By utilizing GPS and cellular signals, emergency care specialists and caregivers can track the users' location on a map, regardless of where they are. In cases where GPS is unavailable, WiFi and cellular triangulation assist care specialists in determining the location of the Family1st Medical Alert device and quickly identifying if the user is at home. Unlike other products that rely on fixed base stations within the house, Family1st Medical Alert operates similarly to a phone, functioning wherever there is a cellular signal. This enables users to establish immediate contact with emergency care specialists. The device features a robust speaker and microphone, and it is water-resistant with an IPX7 rating (although it should not be submerged). Additionally, Family1st Medical Alert can send notifications to caregivers when the battery is low or when the unit is powered off.

How does the Family1st Medical Alert work?

Whenever the Family1st Medical Alert button is activated or if the device detects a fall, care specialists receive A-GPS and WiFi location data along with two-way voice communication. In the absence of a GPS signal, the Family1st Medical Alert can still be traced using WiFi and cellular triangulation. The specialists have the capability to access the user's location, engage in conversation with the user, and take appropriate action by dispatching emergency personnel or notifying loved ones, depending on the situation's requirements.

Can people with pacemakers use the Family1st Medical Alert?

People who have pacemakers should seek advice from their doctor and carefully examine their pacemaker documentation to understand the potential effects of cell phone usage. They should follow the recommended precautions provided in the materials for their pacemaker.

Do low battery and power-off alerts only come via text?

You have the option to receive alerts through text messages or emails. If you want to include emergency contacts for battery and power alerts, simply reach out to your PERS dealer.

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