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Is the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker compatible with all vehicles?

OBD (Plug-in) GPS trackers are typically compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 1996, as they are equipped with the standardized OBD-II port. However, it's recommended to check the compatibility with specific vehicle models and brands.

How quickly can I receive my device?

After placing your order, you can expect to receive it within a span of 5 business days.

How long does my device have a warranty?

The warranty for OBD devices lasts for one year.

What information can I track using an OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker?

Using an OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker, you can track the real-time location of your vehicle, monitor its speed, mileage, engine diagnostics, fuel consumption, and other vehicle-specific information depending on the features of the tracker.

Are there any monthly subscription fees associated with using the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker?

Yes, we provide our customers with the convenience of choosing between our Monthly, Quarterly and Annual plans. To activate your device, simply visit Activate Now and select the plan that best fits your needs.

Does the OBD (Plug-in) GPS come with a SIM card?

Yes, the OBD (Plug-in) GPS comes with an inbuilt AT&T SIM.

Is there any refund policy?

All devices have a 30 day return full refund policy. Our OBD devices have a 1 year warranty for replacement.

Is the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker compatible with mobile devices or smartphones?

Yes, our OBD (Plug-in) GPS trackers are compatible with mobile devices and smartphones. You can download our mobile app "Family1st Pro" which is available for iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to track and manage your vehicle on the go.

How do I install the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker in my vehicle?

Installing an OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker is typically straightforward. Locate the OBD port in your vehicle (usually under the dashboard), plug in the tracker, and ensure it is securely connected. No additional wiring or professional installation is usually required.

How long does the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker's battery last?

OBD (Plug-in) GPS trackers are usually powered by the vehicle's battery, so they do not have their own independent battery. As long as the vehicle is operational and the OBD port has power, the tracker will remain active.

What do the lights mean on the tracker?

Amber represents a cellular network, indicated by a blinking pattern occurring every second. Once connected, it blinks at intervals of 3-4 seconds. Green symbolizes GPS connectivity, with a blinking frequency of once or twice per second. When successfully connected, it blinks once every 3-4 seconds.

Does my device update when not moving?

When stationary, the OBD device undergoes updates every two hours.

Is it possible to receive real-time alerts or notifications from the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker?

Yes, OBD (Plug-in) GPS trackers often offer real-time alert and notification features. You can set up customized alerts for events such as speeding, geo-fencing (leaving a designated area), function and ignition.

Can the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker be easily removed or tampered with?

The OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker can be removed from the OBD port with relative ease. It is designed to be securely installed or tampered with.

Does OBD (Plug-in) GPS Trackers support Tow alerts?

Unfortunately, OBD (Plug-in) GPS trackers do not support Tow alerts.

Will I be able to view the Fuel data reports?

If Fuel data reports are not visible, it indicates that the vehicle lacks support for them.

Can multiple vehicles be tracked simultaneously using the same OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker?

Unfortunately, a single OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker is typically assigned to track a specific vehicle. If you have multiple vehicles that you want to track, you would need a separate tracker for each vehicle.

Is the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker capable of providing historical location data?

Yes, our OBD (Plug-in) GPS trackers have the capability to provide historical location data for a year. You can access the stored data within a specific time frame to review the vehicle's past movements and routes.

Can I monitor the vehicle's speed and mileage using the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker?

Yes, the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker provides the ability to monitor the vehicle's speed and mileage. This information is usually accessible through the Family1st Pro mobile app or online platform.

The device is not updating? What do I do?

For a new OBD please unplug the device and plug it all the way through and start the ignition. If you have a device that already exists, please send us an email at support.gps@family1st.io providing us with information about the problem you are experiencing with your device.

What happens if the vehicle's OBD port is damaged or non-functional? Can the tracker still be used?

If the vehicle's OBD port is damaged or non-functional, the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker may not work properly or may not work at all. In such cases, we recommend you to check with your mechanic or try using the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker in another vehicle.

What customer support options are available for OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker users?

Our support team is available round the clock via email at support.gps@family1st.io, and on the phone from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm PT. You can expect to receive assistance from one of our agents within 15 minutes.

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