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Is your teen a new driver? Are you worried that they don’t drive safely? Maybe they visit people and places you wish they didn’t?

Family1st GPS devices are designed to allow parents of teen drivers to keep a watchful eye on their son or daughter, from anywhere at any time. Our app can be downloaded for free onto any smart phone or tablet.

We recently spoke with a teen named Tanner Allford of Monroe, Ohio. Tanner was involved in a car crash in May of this year, that left him badly injured. We regret to report that his girlfriend, High-School Senior, Kaylie Jackson, did not survive the accident. This accident was 100% preventable had the speed limit been obeyed.

We asked our friend Tanner what he thought about our speeding alerts that send a text message to parents when their teen exceeds the set speed limit. Tanner said the speeding alert “would have probably prevented the wreck I was in.”

We offer 3 devices that have unique features such as geo-fence alerts. A geo-fence is a virtual boundary created around any area. When your teen enters and exits this area you will get a message sent to your phone immediately. Set up a geo-fence around their school, work place, friends’ houses, or places you deem inappropriate.

Other customizable alerts include ignition on/off alerts, hard braking alert, tow alert, SOS alert, and low battery alert.

Our customers receive support from Family1st agents 24/7 because we know keeping teens safe is important no matter the time of day or night.

Peace of mind and the safety of your teen are priceless. Knowing about a speeding issue or your teen’s whereabouts ahead of time can prevent unnecessary accidents, says CNN. Don’t be out of the loop. Buy a GPS tracker from Family1st today to ensure your son or daughter’s wellbeing.

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