What The Experts Say?

“We believe one in four teens is going to be in a crash in their first six months of driving,” Dr. Klauer said in this New York Times article.

That is extremely frightening to us here at Family 1st. Our world class GPS devices help parents become more aware of their teens driving habit such as speeding, hard braking etc…

Getting a driver’s license can come with a feeling of being “cool” or “larger than life”. It also comes with a lot of responsibility on the roads. Driving has never been more dangerous than it is today, with factors such as texting and driving at play. Parents have a responsibility to guide and coach their new driver’s to be safe and sufficient while cruising. Adults are notorious for texting and driving as well, and need to set a better example.

Adding one non-family passenger to a teenager’s car increases the rate of crashes by 44 percent reports Dr. Morris. Knowing who your teen is driving with and when, and even setting a limit on the number of passengers is a great idea.

By reviewing some stats on teen driving with your teen, you can both become aware of the risks involved. This will help them understand that you are not trying to be controlling, but trying to keep them safe.



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