Worried about Your Teen’s Safety? Here’s How You Can Ensure It!

Tracking your teens

Most teens want to get behind the steering wheel as soon as they turn 16. For some, being able to drive is an accomplishment they have dreamt of since their childhood days. Some are already familiar with the concept by the age of 16. Nonetheless, it is no surprise that teen drivers can be the most unsafe and rash ones on the road. The excitement they feel while driving overtakes their sense of precaution and often leads to accidents on the road. Being able to drive marks a new sense of freedom in your teen, but what good is this freedom when it may frequently lead to harmful, fatal accidents?

According to a report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, teen driving casualties were such that about seven teens died every day in 209, followed by hundreds of teens injured in car accidents. Another report by the Insurance Institute of Highway and Safety, drivers between the ages of 16 to 19 are three times more likely to get involved in a car accident than drivers aged 20 and above. Some teens are also found driving under the influence of alcohol which makes the prospect of teen driving even scarier. 

What puts teen drivers at even more risk?

The following reasons are the main factors that cause accidents among teen drivers. 

Lack of experience

Due to the lack of driving experience, teenagers are more prone to getting involved in accidents on the road. Your child does not have the intuition and sense of road safety that comes with years of driving and practice. They might not recognize difficult situations and unknowingly make critical driving errors as they have not been out on the road for a long time. 


It is no secret that driving provides thrill and adrenaline like no other. In pursuit of this thrill, teens often flout safety rules that they believe hold them back from having fun. Jumping signals and not wearing seat belts are common mistakes that frequently lead to mishaps on the road. 

Mobile Phone Usage

Many teens often get caught using their mobile phones while driving. Teen drivers are found texting and calling behind the wheel. Distracted driving causes a majority of motor-vehicular accidents in teens these days. About 12 percent of all fatal car accidents are caused due to usage of mobile phones while driving. As teens are very active on social media nowadays, their virtual presence takes most of their attention. It hinders their attention behind the wheel. 

Driving Under Influence

Most teens do not have access to alcohol as the legal drinking age is 21. However, twenty-four percent of teens found dead in car accidents in 2019 were driving under the influence of alcohol and did not have their seatbelts on. 17 percent of students that traveled with a driver were with drivers that drove after drinking. Driving after the consumption of any substance such as alcohol or drugs is illegal. After alcohol, marijuana is the most common source of influence that leads to impaired driving. 

How can you prevent your teen from getting involved in an accident?

The risks for teens are higher than they are for adults. Nevertheless, there are various things you can do to make sure your teen stays safe on the road. Though it is imperative to keep track of your child’s activity on the road, it is also crucial that you give your kid the freedom and autonomy they look for when they drive a car. After all, you do not want to risk a reaction towards your protective behavior and have them act out, especially if there are cars involved. 

Preach conscious driving

Make your teen understand how important it is to drive in a sober and attentive state of mind. The slightest bit of drunk or drowsy behavior can cause a fatal accident on the road. Always pay attention to your surroundings and take precautions beforehand. Moreover, they must understand the consequences careless actions on the road can have. 

Enforce Curfews

Sit with your teen and decide a reasonable curfew time that suits both you and your child. Give your child a say while making these decisions about curfews and rules. It is also statistically proven that nighttime driving is more dangerous than daytime driving for all sorts of drivers. Teens are no exception. Engaging in open communication instead of imposing rules will help foster a healthier relationship between you and your teen. 

No distractions

Make sure your teen understands that calling their friends or updating their social media while driving is a big no. Using phones while driving not only serves as a potential risk to your physical well-being but also reduces your attention span, which is crucial for a good driver. Your social media can wait, but the next signal can not!

Seat belts and speeding

Go over the basics of driving safely with your child now and then. Make sure they are using seat belts without fail. Are they jumping signals or speeding unnecessarily? We can not reiterate enough the importance of having open communication with your child. It will not only keep your relationship healthy but also help them understand the risks easily. Moreover, you can also choose a safe vehicle for your teen who has just started driving to help prevent accidents.

Driving with Friends

As an amateur driver, your teen shouldn’t drive while their friends are in the passenger seat. They may serve as distractions and your child may also be peer pressured into breaking the rules and regulations. As you get more confident in your teen’s driving skills, allow them to go out with a friend or two. It will maintain a healthy balance and ensure that your teen has a good time! 

Using a GPS tracker

By using a GPS tracker[ We have reviewed some of the best GPS trackers for kids/teens which you can check for assistance ], you can keep a tab on where your child is at all times and keep you at ease. A good tracker can even give you live information on acceleration, stops made, whether your teen is speeding and exceeding the speed limits, etc. You can even set up geofences through your mobile phone and keep yourself updated with the whereabouts of your child at any time!

Family1st GPS trackers for teens and children

family1st GPS tracker for teens and kids

Handling a teen can be a tough job. Your teen is at that age where they want individuality and independence. What better way to show your child the road to self-independence, especially when you get to make sure your kid has a seat belt on through the journey? 

Family1st is known as one of the best GPS tracking solution providers. We provide GPS trackers that suit all your needs, ranging from senior citizens to warm-blooded teens. 

Family1st GPS technology is designed to provide you with every bit of information you need to ensure your teen is safe and sound in their car. We offer features that allow you to see whether your child is speeding, hard braking, accelerating, or doing any activity that can cause harm to them. The technology employed by us is user-friendly and is therefore easy to use on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or any other device of your choice. 

We believe that family comes first. Our system offers online support available 24×7 at your service. All our products are easy to use and are an economical choice for your family. We provide portable GPS trackers, OBD port GPS trackers, trackers with magnetic cases – you name it, and we have it. 

And that is not all! Family1st also offers geofencing services for you to be sure of knowing where your teen is. These geofences can be easily created and customized. All you have to do is drag and drop a pin, and when your vehicle enters or exits the area, you will get an instant alert. Geofencing has never been easier to use! 

Family1st GPS solutions are accessible with a stable internet or WiFi connection. The services come with an app that you can use on both Android and iOS from anywhere. In case of low internet or WiFi connectivity, Family1st offers SMS connectivity that can keep you in the loop as well! 

Rest assured, a Family1st GPS tracker is a solution to all your concerns regarding your teen’s safety on the road. Our trackers also come with a long-lasting battery that can go on for more than 14 days after a single charge. You can also count on Family1st for assistance 24×7 because we are here to help our family whenever needed! With Family1st, you can locate your teen at any moment with a tap on a screen. Lastly, all our products come with a lifelong warranty making Family1st the perfect investment for your teen’s safety!

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