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list of gps trackers with no monthly fees

The safety of loved ones and assets is one of the major concerns for everyone at present. It’s irrefutable that innovations such as GPS technologies can now help us monitor our family’s security and well-being, even when we are occupied with work or away from home. A GPS tracker is one of the advanced tools that helps track cars, assets, pets, and people.

Unfortunately, most GPS trackers require monthly subscription fees. It can be too costly for some people to pay the fees. It’s prudent for them to buy the best GPS trackers with no monthly fee. The best vehicle tracking device, equipped with a no-monthly fee system, allows consumers to use GPS services without incurring extra charges. These systems do not have contracts or monthly service charges, and they offer almost all the benefits of the GPS tracker.

Here is our list of the top 5 No monthly-fee GPS trackers:

  • Family1st GPS tracker – Best Tracker For Tracking Teens
  • Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker- Best Tracker For Vehicle Tracking 
  • LandAirSea Sync Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker – Best Waterproof Tracking
  • Amcrest AM-GL300W GPS Tracker- Best Tracker For Discreet Tracking 
  • Trakkit WiFi GPS Tracker – Best Wi-Fi Tracker (No SIM)

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Top 9 Best GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee [Reviewed]

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to LIST the best products in the market and not to review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

While compiling this list, we evaluated the devices based on factors such as their cost, potential subscription plans after the first year, battery life, size, and the ease of the installation process.  We considered factors like the countries they offer coverage in, ease of use of their application, security, or other unique features they offer. We also looked into add-on services these vendors provide – lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support, installation help, and more.

The intention is to inform and educate the reader on the variety of options available in the market.

When you look for a “no monthly fee GPS tracker” online, you will come across many options. It can be tough to choose the best tracker that suits your requirements. So, if you are looking for the best GPS tracker with no monthly fees, check out our list of the top-performing GPS trackers available today that require absolutely no subscription plans:

Best GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fee: A Brief Overview

The latest range of GPS tools helps you to be safe and secure with the application of innovative ways of tracking. Different purchase options are available for these GPS trackers, requiring you to perform a cost-benefit analysis to ensure you maximize your investments. 

Many users, finding high monthly subscription fees unaffordable, prefer purchasing devices with no monthly charges to stay within their budget constraints. 

Here is a list of 9 best GPS trackers, offering a cost-effective solution without charging monthly fees for users.

GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees


Family 1st GPS Tracker

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

LandAirSea Sync Real-Time GPS tracker

Device Price




Best Tracker For

Tracking Teens

Vehicle Tracking

Waterproof Tracking

Key benefits

Efficient tracking solution with a user-friendly app

Location tracking with customized notifications

Waterproof design and quick location updates

Real-time tracking








Customized Alerts

Zone and Movement alerts

Anti-theft alerts

Zone entry-exit alerts

Special features

2 weeks battery backup

Flexible frequency selection for updates

Location sharing for collaborative tracking



Amcrest AM-GL300W GPS Tracker


Trakkit WiFi GPS Tracker

Bartun GPS Tracker

Device Price



$ 89.99

Best Tracking For

Discreet Tracking

Wi-Fi Tracker

Pet GPS Tracker

Key benefits

Durable and affordable solution for asset tracking

Compact and lightweight design

Waterproof design and compact size

Real-time location tracking








Customized Alerts

Low-battery alerts

Speed alerts


Special features

SOS alarm feature for emergencies

Tacking history for up to 5 years

Coverage over multiple countries



Qbit Mini Personal GPS Tracker-

Samsung Smartthings Tracker


Sherlock 2.0 Anti-Theft Tracker

Device Price

$ 89.99




Best Tracker For

Kids Tracking

Tracking Luggage

Bike Tracking

Key benefits

Compact and lightweight with accurate GPS tracking

Real-time tracking through a mobile application

Location data with speed and distance traveled

Real-time location tracking








Customized Alerts

Alerts for low-battery

Emergency alert generation

Anti-theft alerts

Special features

Two-way communication features

SOS option through the SmartThings app

SOS features to share real-time location

How do we test the devices?

We followed multiple steps to test the devices. First, we visited the products’ official websites and compared their features, specifications, and prices. We also searched for the products on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify and analyzed the customer reviews and ratings.

To get deeper insights, we contacted each product’s customer support and sales team and asked them about their warranty, delivery, and refund policies. We also conducted practical trials with some products to evaluate their functionality and performance firsthand. We also carried out trials with some products to get first-hand information.

All these methods helped our team discover and comprehend the salient features and functionalities of the products and analyze the information to conclude about the products’ reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Family1st: Best Tracker For Tracking Teens

family1st gps tracking device



Based on our testing of the Family 1st GPS tracker, we can confidently recommend it as perfect for monitoring seniors and teens, offering robust features with minimal maintenance required. Its sturdy build and efficient tracking make it a cost-effective choice online. However, the most significant advantage is its no-monthly fee service. 

The device boasts a range of features like Real-Time Tracking through the companion app, 24 Hour Travel History, geo-fencing, and more. Stored reports are easily accessible on Android/iOS Apps for a year. 

It has a 2400 mAh Li-Polymer battery, which runs for two weeks with continuous updates. Setting the hardware and the app is easy, and its 4G technology provides swift updates across North America.

Unique Features

  • A one-year subscription is included in the device price
  • Real-time tracking through the user-friendly App
  • Water-resistant design
  • Long-lasting Li-Po battery
  • Multiple Geofence setup
  • Compact and portable design
  • Compatibility with Alexa
  • 24-hour travel history
  • Android and iOS compatibility


The device is priced at $204.99 with free shipping, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The 30-day cancellation policy reflects the company’s customer-friendly approach.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker- Best Tracker For Vehicle Tracking 

invoxia gps tracker

After using the Invoxia GPS tracker for a few weeks, our team found it an outstanding solution for protecting your vehicle against theft. The Invoxia GPS tracker functions in real time, delivering precise and frequent location updates. This device offers flexible update intervals, allowing you to select between 2, 5, 10, or 30-minute increments, depending on your tracking needs.

With this device at your disposal, you can ensure optimal protection for your vehicle. It boasts anti-theft alerts that promptly notify you upon detecting any suspicious activity near your car. Moreover, you can establish secure zones and receive notifications whenever your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas.

Unique Feature

  • No monthly charges and a free one-year plan
  • Advanced location tracking using Bluetooth, wifi, GPS
  • Battery backup of several weeks
  • App compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Flexible frequency selection for updates
  • Real-time anti-theft alerts
  • Multiple Geofence setup
  • Zone, travel, and movement alerts
  • Customized alerts to contacts in emergencies


Priced at $129.00, it comes with a complimentary one-year subscription, sparing you the hassle of monthly fees over an extended period. Subsequently, a modest subscription charge will apply.

LandAirSea Sync Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker – Best Waterproof Tracking

LandAirSea Sync Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 is a cutting-edge 4G LTE GPS tracker with pinpoint accuracy and geofencing alerts. You have no monthly fees to worry about. We thoroughly checked its waterproofing (IP67), and it stood tall against all our tests.  It comes with a built-in solid magnet and robust antennas for harsh conditions. 

The vendor also offers a hardwiring kit that allows you to monitor engine runtime and temperature. You can enjoy real-time updates and its discrete Dark Mode. Our team was all praises for its ShareSpot and InstaFence features that enhance usability, along with historical playback and API integration. You can access data on Android, iOS, and computer. 

Unique features

  • One-time device cost with no monthly charges
  • Compact and waterproof design
  • Easy installation and setup feature
  • Share location for collaborative tracking.
  • Instant notifications for movement outside a designated area
  • Geofencing with entry and exit alerts within predefined areas
  • Travel history records for future reference


Although you can get the device for $24.95, the annual subscription plans start from $179.55 to $499.55 and let you customize updates and save time and cost.

Amcrest AM-GL300W GPS Tracker- Best Tracker For Discreet Tracking 

Amcrest AM GL300W GPS Tracker device

Amcrest is a well-known name in the GPS tracking industry, so we had to check it out. We chose the AM-GL300W device, which is best for discreetly tracking people and assets. And, of course, it is one of the devices you can use without paying monthly.

It is an invaluable tool for monitoring assets or loved ones. It offers an affordable solution that integrates seamlessly with its user-friendly interface, adaptable alert system, and real-time tracking capabilities. Also, the device boasts a commendable battery backup lasting up to 14 days, a duration influenced by the chosen update frequency. 

Unique Features

  • No need to pay monthly fees
  • Supports multiple Geo-Fencing Regions
  • Intelligent Battery Alerts to notify about low-battery
  • Reports about the GPS device power status (on/off)
  • SOS Alarm feature for emergencies
  • Motion Alarm based on Internal 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Weather-resistant design for durability
  • Sharing of location details with customized contacts


The device costs $44.99, with yearly plans costing $19.99 for 60-second upgrades, $24.99 for 30-second updates, and $34.99 for 5-second updates.

Trakkit WiFi GPS Tracker – Best Wi-Fi Tracker (No SIM)

Trakkit WiFi GPS Tracker - Best WiFi Tracker (No SIM)

Trakkit is a wifi GPS tracker; we tested it in our staff car and asked one of our teammates to carry it around in their bag. And it did not disappoint us. One standout aspect is the absence of monthly fees, subscriptions, or the need for a SIM card. The Trakkit functions as an accurate wifi GPS Tracker, effortlessly utilizing available networks for communication and eliminating the need for cellular coverage.

The Trakkit’s GPS real-time tracking, logging, and reporting tools helped our tracking experience significantly. It adeptly logs and records GPS position data, which is quickly uploaded when the gadget comes into contact with our office wifi. We always knew where our car and our colleagues were. 

Unique Features

  • No ongoing monthly fees
  • Very small in size and lightweight
  • Global tracking facilities across countries
  • SOS button to send live location information
  • Includes a magnetic case for protection
  • Tracking history for up to the last five years
  • Extension of battery backup up to 6 months


You can get this device for $$149.95. As it uses Wi-Fi, there is no monthly or yearly subscription.

Bartun GPS Tracker – Best Pet GPS Tracker

Bartun LTE GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

To bring you the solutions you need, we tested a pet tracker. Our operation manager’s beagle volunteered for the job. We have to say that the Bartun GPS tracker lives up to its name and performance as one of the top pet GPS trackers available. Like a mobile phone, it requires a SIM card for real-time tracking, eliminating any need for recurring monthly subscription fees, which sets it apart from many others on the market. 

What’s remarkable about this device is its IPX7 waterproof rating, ensuring worry-free usage even when your furry friend decides to take a playful splash. The health activity monitoring feature is also remarkable. Keeping track of your pet’s movement, walking distance, and calorie expenditure is beneficial for breeds prone to obesity, such as pugs and beagles. This feature allows you to manage the health of your pets better your pets’ health and mitigate potential weight-related issues.

Unique Features

  • Reasonable hardware cost and no monthly fees
  • Real-time tracking
  • Monitoring Health Activity
  • IP67 Waterproof for overall durability
  • Magnetic head connector for charging
  • Low-cost solution
  • Coverage of over 150 countries
  • Ten days battery life with inactive mode


You have to pay $89.99 one time for the device.

Qbit Mini Personal GPS Tracker- Best Tracker For Kids 

qbit gps tracker device

Qbit Mini personal GPS tracker has a compact and lightweight design that matches its robust GPS, wifi, and LBS positioning technology and consistently delivers accurate and reliable location data. 

We particularly liked its durable build, which makes it an excellent choice for families with kids, the elderly, or disabled individuals. It also comes with Geofencing that lets you establish virtual boundaries, triggering notifications whenever the designated area is breached. 

Another significant feature of this device is the panic button, providing a reliable means for individuals to signal emergencies and attract immediate attention. Our team tested the tracker’s water-resistant properties and can assure you that you can use the tracker for your pets as well. 

The tracker also has a discreet microphone that helps us monitor the surrounding environment remotely, adding a layer of security and awareness. Moreover, the two-way communication feature is a great addition, enabling seamless connection even when the tracked person doesn’t have a cell phone.

Unique Features

  • No monthly fees are involved
  • Compact and stylish design 
  • Two-way communication
  • Listen to surroundings remotely
  • SOS button
  • Low battery alert
  • Water-resistant body


For $89.99, it is beneficial for monitoring older people or ensuring kids’ safety around their school or home.

Samsung Smartthings Tracker- Best Tracker For Tracking Luggage

Samsung Smartthings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker boasts real-time tracking capabilities, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Our personal experience shows that it offers comprehensive theft protection for your valuable assets and family members. All the features can be conveniently accessed through the SmartThings mobile application, which you can download from the Play Store.

Even though the vendor offers several features, we found it affordable, coupled with the added advantage of a full year of cellular service at no extra charge. 

Unique Features

  • No monthly subscription is required
  • Live location tracking
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Water-resistant
  • Emergency alert generation
  • Lightweight and compact


For the initial year, your wallet remains untouched, and even beyond that, the cost is a mere $5 per month.

Sherlock 2.0 Anti-Theft Tracker-Best Tracker For Bikes

sherlock 2.0 gps tracker device

We have an avid biker on our team, so we had to try a Sherlock 2.0 that caters explicitly to bike owners. Our biker colleague agrees that this tracker is the best way to keep your bike safe in parking and locate it. The device’s new universal design can be easily used for any bike. It has a strong battery life that is handy in case of theft. 

The latest version of the tracker has a sensitive motion sensor that will notify you if any unknown movement is detected. It also has an anti-theft mode that you can activate to provide maximum security to your bike. It also has an SOS button that you can press to send a message along with real-time location information to your emergency contacts and call for help.

You can activate the travel mode to view the routes on the map. It will help you to get reliable statistical data like miles traveled, average speed, etc. 

It also has an SOS button that you can press to send a message along with real-time location information to your emergency contacts and call for help.

Unique Features

  • Yearly service plans with no monthly fees
  • Sensitive motion sensor
  • Activation of anti-theft mode
  • Completely concealed  
  • Tamper detection feature
  • Location sharing in case of theft 


The cost of $159 for this device, including two years of free service, is one of the factors that put this device on our list.


The Benefits of Having GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fee

A GPS tracker commonly works as an anti-theft measure. It also helps keep tabs on the elders of the family and safeguards teenagers. Regardless of your reason for using one, a GPS tracker can always be helpful. You have to place it inside a vehicle or attach it somewhere inconspicuous, and you can track your vehicle’s location via a website or mobile app. 

A “no monthly fee GPS tracker” gives you many benefits equivalent to a tracker with a monthly subscription. However, there are also some ways they can be more advantageous. The following  are some merits of having a GPS tracker with no monthly fee:

Saves money (no monthly fee)

One of the substantial benefits of having a GPS tracker with no monthly fee is that you save extra charges of the subscription fee. You can use almost all the services, like the other tracker.

Real-Time Tracking

A GPS tracker can be very beneficial in terms of real-time tracking. It will send you to the real-time location of your vehicle so that you can feel safe about your loved ones and belongings.


Using a GPS tracker will give you a sense of relief as you feel secure about your car. If your car is stolen, you can get an alert, track its location, and increase the possibility of getting it back.

Improves productivity

Commercial vehicles or fleet management companies can use GPS trackers to effectively monitor routes, driving behavior, mileage, vehicle performance, and scheduling, thereby improving productivity.

Check your location history

Through an efficient GPS tracker, you can check your location history. You can recall all your past visits by accessing the data stored in your tracker or the cloud storage service.

Secures your pets

There are times when your pets are uncontrollable. You might need to remember to chain them while talking to your neighbors, and they might run to a different street or locality. Attaching a GPS tracker may help them locate faster and help you keep them safe.

Analyze performance

The GPS tracker can help you in checking your car’s performance. You can evaluate the car’s performance by checking several parameters. Installing the tracker in your car can check the distance, route type, speed, and driving behavior.

Get help in an emergency

A GPS tracker can prove to be a godsend in case of emergencies. In any unfortunate incident, you can check your location and inform the required authorities to get quick help. It will help you, especially when you are in an unfamiliar area.

Things to know before buying a GPS tracker with no monthly fee

The power source of a GPS tracking device

A GPS tracker can be powered through an OBDII port of the vehicle or the batteries. The battery-based tracker requires charging once the battery is low. You can check the battery’s mAh before buying the tracker to learn its power backup. Some people might prefer an OBDII tracker as it doesn’t require charging and draws its power from the car.

GPS tracker location update time

The location update timing depends on the model of the GPS device. The GPS device mainly updates the location every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. However, you may also find the trackers that update after every 3 minutes or 5 minutes. The location update time frequency depends on your needs. Moreover, you can always change the tracker’s default update timing.

Countries in which no monthly fee GPS tracker works

Not all GPS trackers work everywhere in the world. You must confirm with your service provider whether the region you plan to operate the device is supported.

Data storage duration

The data storage will depend on the device. Some GPS trackers will retain your data for one year, while others retain it for a longer duration (3 to 5 years). It is important to note that some companies require you to pay a fee to retrieve data from cloud storage. Thus, you should confirm the estimated cost of the device before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there GPS trackers that do not require a monthly subscription?

Ans. You can avoid the chaos of paying the subscription fees to everyone by choosing any one of the following GPS trackers:

  • Family1st portable GPS tracker
  • TKSTAR TK915 GPS tracker
  • LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker
  • Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS tracker
  • Trakkit wifi GPS tracker 
  • Barton GPS tracker
  • Jimilot GV20 3G GPS Tracker 

Q. Can a tracker help you to reduce your insurance premium?

Ans. You can get discounts on your insurance premium using a GPS tracker to track your vehicle, but it depends on your insurance provider.

Q. How do you detect an unwanted GPS tracker on your vehicle?

Ans. If someone is trying to track you without your knowledge, you can locate the GPS tracker and then report it to the police. 

You can start searching for an unwanted GPS tracker in the hideous locations of your car. Usually, people attach GPS devices to a place that is not easily accessible to enjoy discrete tracking. You can also get professional help to detect the device. Or use a GPS locator to hunt it down.

Final Note

Most “GPS trackers with no monthly fee” operate by syncing with the software or application on your PC or smartphone. This enables you to access data anytime and anywhere you want. However, regarding technology, GPS trackers have become more affordable.

The GPS trackers have also undergone significant changes, such as upgrading from hardwired devices to OBD port connections. Given the modern-day troubles, a GPS tracker is a much-required preventive measure for the security of our loved ones and assets. You will find what you need on our list of no monthly fee GPS trackers and buy the tracker that suits your needs.

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