Medical Alert Systems – Smartest Way To Keep Ailing Loved Ones Safe

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls among adults 65 and older caused over 34,000 deaths in 2019, making it the leading cause of injury death for that group. With old age, the body undergoes different changes such as eyesight, body control, and the ability to do daily work.

As a result, oldies need 24/7 assistance. On top of that, there are many dangers in a home, such as wet floors or upturned rugs. And if an elderly falls and hurts himself severely, they will be unable to get up and call for help. Thus, it becomes vital to provide immediate assistance when such a situation takes place. For the same, you can bring technology to the rescue in the name of medical alert devices to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Medical alert devices enable senior citizens to stay independent, ensuring that they will get help whenever needed. Also called personal emergency response systems, medical alert systems provide a quick and easy way for the elderly who need help and have health issues.

At times of emergency, fall, fire, or events, an efficient medical alert system can help prevent further damage. These devices comprise a help button that connects the user to a live agent in terms of emergencies.  

To provide additional security to them and ensure your peace of mind, you should consider getting a medical alert system for them. That is why we have created this guide so that you know the best options available to you in the market and can choose the medical alert device that fits your requirements.

What Is A Medical Alert System? 

Medical alert systems are also known as personal emergency response systems. They are devices that connect and allow your parents to summon first responders. In case of emergency, they can press the button to call immediate help. 

So, your parents can press the emergency button to reach out for help if they suspect a fire or find a broken window. The live operator will immediately respond and reach you or your family. But if you are not reachable, they will directly send help to them. The elderly can also use it to call their kid or friend, to pick them up from the park while it’s raining. 

Additionally, these systems are not only reactive but also proactive. For instance, according to the service you choose, the agent may call or message to remind them to take medicines. 

You can find different types of alert systems in the market. Some are big clock radios, while others are of a pocketable size. Let’s find out about different devices in the next section. 

Types of Medical Alert System

There are two different types of personal emergency response systems in the market:

  • In-house
  • Mobile


The in-house systems are attached to the telephonic lines. They generally come with a pendant with an in-built accelerometer. When the device registers a sudden drop, the service will call to ensure the elderly’s safety. If they don’t pick up, they will immediately send help to you. 

The variable component of such a system also has a large button. When an older person presses the switch, the base station will receive a signal. And the agents will immediately call them. In case of no response, they will send the first responder directly to their house. 

The base station also has a loudspeaker and microphone to facilitate two-way communication between the person and family. 


If your parents often spend time outside of the home or traveling, you should look for a portable medical alert system. There is no restriction on the range of such devices. And has all those advantages as a home base system. 

Benefits of A Medical Alert System

Have a second thought before purchasing a medical alert system. Let us find some of the key benefits of it. 

Independent Living

According to a survey, most older Americans live alone in their home. They enjoy their liberty and don’t like to rely on someone else. If your parents or relatives are like that, and you are often worried about their safety, you should purchase a medical alert system. It gives them the freedom to live independently and enjoy the rest of their life. And you can also enjoy their peace of mind. By using a medical alert device you can ensure long-distance caregiving for your loved ones.

Immediate Help For Emergency

There are different types of situations where the elderly may need immediate assistance. For instance, a fire broke out in the kitchen while cooking something. The smoke is all over, and they cannot reach their cell phone to call 911. In such a situation, the medical alert system with smoke detection comes in handy. 

As soon as it detects smoke, the device sends a notification to the base station. They immediately send a fire brigade to their house. And they also send an alert to you or other registered contacts. Moreover, there are different situations where they might need immediate help, such as in case of burglary, fall, or any unfortunate events. 

Elders With Special Needs 

According to a report by the Alzheimer’s Association, around 6.1 million older Americans have dementia. The most important issue of such people is wandering. There are times when they often go out and forget their way back. 

In such a case, if your parents have a similar disease, you can use the medical alert system at your resort. As soon as they wander around, you will receive a real-time alert with location updates. And you can immediately respond to this crisis. 

Top 5 Medical Alert Systems [Best Medical Alert Systems]

Nobody would wish to go through such a scenario where they are helpless in times of emergency. This is why many older people choose medical alert systems. Although the industry of these medical devices is growing hugely, several industries mislead their customers with a motive to earn extra profit and fees. 

If you are looking for the best medical alert systems, we have got you covered! This guide lists the top 5 medical systems that offer immediate assistance to seniors in times of emergency. Furthermore, by the end of this guide, you will know how to choose the right medical systems.  

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the discussion! 

Family1st Belle+ Medical Alert for Seniors

Family1st Belle+ Medical Alert system for Seniors

Family1st comes with excellent customer reviews and aims to provide the best services to seniors. This medical alert system allows you to monitor it 24*7 with a single click. Every device of the Family1st offers a fall detection feature. Eventually, with several additional features, there is no doubt that it is ranked as the 1st among the best medical emergency devices.  


The medical alert device of the Family1st is available for free; you only need to activate a monthly subscription @$29.95 to activate the service. It offers free shipping and does not charge any additional or hidden fees. 

Product Highlights

  • Complimentary Device Upon Subscription Activation.
  • Starting at Just $29.95 per Month.
  • Utilizes WiFi for Indoor Tracking.
  • Verizon 4G LTE Network Certification.
  • Showerproof with IP67 Water Resistance.
  • Emergency Call Service Accessible to All Subscribers.
  • Enjoy a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 24/7 Online Customer Assistance.
  • Flexible Cancellation, Pay Only for Time Used.

Home 2.0 by Medical Guardian

Home 2.0 by Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is an excellent medical system that goes beyond its best to offer facilities and benefits to its customers. With several additional features and benefits, a medical guardian is a brilliant choice for people who wish additional peace of mind and are not inclined towards traditional medical alert options. Furthermore, Medical Guardian provides around six total device options that are undoubtedly more than any other medical system company on the list. 


Medical Guardian has a total of six distinct plans to offer its customers. These plans range from $29.95 per month to $79.95 per month. Medical guardians do not charge any device activation fee or any installation fee for most of the devices that it offers. 

However, one device, namely the “freedom guardian (smartwatch-style device) needs a one-time payment of $99. Additionally, at present medical Guardian does not offer any free shipping although, it does not charge any cancellation fee.  

Tip: Customers who wish to pay for their service yearly will gain a good discount from the actual monthly price. 

Product Highlights

  • Cellular and landline in-home options 
  • Water-resistant
  • Features automatic fall detection pendants 
  • Wall-mounted voice-activated help buttons 
  • Upgraded and sleek hardware 
  • No long term contracts 
  • Smartwatch Option 
  • Caregiver Platform(free) 

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert is excellent as it comprises high-quality service. At a brilliant price point, this medical alert system offers exceptional features that you will not find elsewhere. The company provides a plethora of reliable in-home and on-the-go devices.

You can use these through a cell signal or a landline. The emergency monitoring Centre owns a certification of top-notch ratings. The positive customer reviews indicate the level of quality service offered by the company and the degree of satisfaction of its customers. 


Bay alarm medical provides a total of 4 devices. They are priced between $19.95 for a very basic in-home system and $39.95 per month for an entirely mobile unit. Each of the devices is paid for every month. Bay alarm medical does not offer any long-term options for payment. Customers are even offered a 30day cancellation window. During this phase, new customers can cancel their service and gain a full refund along with zero shopping costs. 

The extra wearable help buttons cost $1.95 per month. The lockbox is available at $1.95 per month. The updated pendants designed by artists for personal help costs $27.95.

Product Highlights

  • Cellular in-home options and a landline option 
  • The mobile option is available at 4G, LTE coverage
  • Each of the devices is water-resistant 
  • Minimal monthly cost 
  • Exceptional customer service 
  • No equipment fee
  • Geofencing available 
  • Available in 170 languages 

Medical Alert Systems by Medical Alert

Medical alert systems by Medical Alert

Medical Alert is part of Connect America, a nationwide company with its headquarters located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alert offers every small thing that you require in an ideal emergency alert system. Rated with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau, the medical alert has brilliant customer reviews. With such remarkable achievements, you can be sure of receiving quality products from Medical Alert.

The company owns the highest certifications for offering emergency monitoring 24*7. It offers an in-house and mobile system to cater to different needs. They offer lifetime equipment and long-term battery life warranties. 

A mobile app for all caregivers offers the ultimate peace of mind for people looking for complete safety and security for their families and loved ones.  


The price range of Medical Alert ranges from $22.95 per month to $37.95 per month when you wish to pay every month. If you choose to pay annually or semi-annually, you can opt for that as well. It can lower your total cost by a few dollars monthly.

Apart from this, Medical Alert provides a 30-day refund guarantee on each of its systems. In case any user or customer is unsatisfied and disappointed with any of their medical devices, the medical alert returns the device within the first 30day for enabling full money back policy. 

Any cancellation outside the first 30-day window can also be considered at any point without charging any penalty. However, the user will get a prorated refund.

Starting at a mere $19.95 a month, the Medical Alert system provides phenomenal quality services at a relatively lower price than most of its competitors in the market.  

Product Highlights

  • Cellular in-home and landline options
  • Mobile unit along with an optimal wearable help button
  • Water-resistant help buttons
  • Comes with an automatic fall detection pendant
  • No long term contracts 
  • Provides pro-rated refunds with zero cancellation fee 
  • No additional one-time fee
  • Free lockbox available with an annual subscription for the in-home systems 

Medical Alert Systems by Aloe Care Health

Medical Alert Systems by Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care Health provides a high and advanced premium quality service. This medical system is a hands-free system that is ideal for independent aged adults. The voice-activated feature helps the seniors to be safe and well connected with their caregivers. Additionally, they are not required to wear personal alert devices every day. 

Aloe Care aims to address the hard and challenging voids, thereby extending help to independent older adults. The safety systems offered by the Aloe care medical system are user-friendly and extremely easy to use. This further enables the elders to stay independently, helping the caregivers offer the best care for their families and loved ones.  The company offers both At Home & On-the-Go medical alert systems.


The price range of aloe care varies from $24.99 per month to $49.99 per month. Users can pay them every month. Along with their monthly service charges, users of Aloe Care can buy their equipment by paying a starting one-time fee of $100- $300. This, however, entirely depends on the type of plan they wish to choose. Aloe care does not charge any additional fees for startups, activations, or installation. However, customers are required to pay for shipping purposes. 

Product Highlights

  • Water-resistant in-home systems
  • Features an Aloe care caregiver app
  • Motion sensors along with the total care package
  • Fall detection feature available with mobile plans 
  • Friendly app available for family and friends
  • Voice assistance smart hub feature 
  • Emergency center offering 24*7 response 

How to Choose the best Medical Alert System?

The first and foremost step to opt for the best medical alert device is to analyze the system that will work best for both you and your loved ones. You can opt for a traditional home system or a mobile system. It is even better when you choose both. 

Choosing the best personal emergency response system depends on how much you or your loved one stays apart or unaccompanied. The active seniors who usually stay out of the home will require a mobile device as compared to the seniors who stay at home more often. Seniors staying back at home can go for an in-home device that does not need to be charged. 

Selecting an ideal medical alert system entirely depends on your medical needs, lifestyle and preferences. The medical alert system industry is huge, and you are offered innumerable options to select from. However, below are a few factors that you should consider before choosing the device that best suits your needs. Let us check these factors:

Easy to use

If you require simple medical assistance, you need to press one button to get help. Most of the alert systems or devices comprise a base station or cellular signals. These help them to communicate and interact with professionals as it has inbuilt two-way audio. However, before purchasing, make sure you analyze and understand the working of the systems and their features to not face any problems at times of emergency. 


Most of the incidents, emergencies, or falls take place in showers. As older people are too wary of managing themselves, you need to make sure that the device you are purchasing is water-resistant. Moreover, if you or your doctor feels that your loved one is prone to fall on any water-related surface, always look for waterproof devices.  

Monitors 24*7

Emergencies can take place at any point in time. Therefore, most of the medical alert systems are available 24*7 and provide the best monitoring and customer service to offer you peace of mind. However, many don’t. Thus, when looking for any medical alert system device, always go for the one that provides monitoring 24*7 and is available for you.  

Cellular connection Vs landline

Some of the medical alerts connect with the landline of your home or any cellular networks to get signals in emergencies and help. In case you are on the go, it is best to opt for a cellular connection.  


In case you are opting for a landline system, you must know the distance of your devices that extends from your home or base station. In such a case, you will want to stay inside the reach to receive signals in case of an emergency. 

Battery Life

Any medical alert device turns into a useless device when it is uncharged. Also, the portable device needs regular charging. Therefore if you are purchasing a system for a forgetful senior, always look for the battery in it. Go for the systems that enable battery monitoring. This way, you can stay updated and alert in case the battery life falls. Note that the devices ideal for in-home systems does not require charging. 


Medical alert systems are a necessity for older people who are living alone. It gives assurance that they can enjoy the rest of their lives peacefully. Choosing an ideal medical alert system is a challenging task. As you buy such alert systems for your loved ones, you need to make sure you purchase the best medical emergency device from the system. With many options in the market, it is difficult for any user to pick the ideal one.

However, with this guide, we hope you can narrow down your picks. This was a guide that listed the top 5 medical alert systems that are highly reliable. Having excellent customer reviews, these systems are completely worth your time and money. 

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