GPS Tracking App v/s GPS Tracking Devices

gps tracking app vs gps tracking devices comparison

GPS Tracking App v/s GPS Tracking Devices

If you want to track someone’s path or mark the location of an object, you can always rely on a GPS tracker device. They allow you to identify the tracker’s position on a map. Saving a digital timeline will keep you informed every single time.

Because of their immense utility, there are several GPS tracking devices and apps available in the market. For anyone looking for a GPS device or app to suit their needs, the availability of numerous choices and options can be confusing. Before you invest, you must know what features you want and how you will use them.

Also, first-time users often tend to use GPS tracking devices and GPS applications interchangeably. be

Customers spend significant time wondering between the similarities and differences of both alternatives. Although both GPS tracker and GPS tracking apps will serve your primary purpose, the question is up to what extent?

Here are some examples of where GPS devices and GPS apps can be useful.

GPS Tracking Devices GPS Apps
Locating Positions Location Sharing
Fleet Tracking Directions
Navigation  Weather Alerts
Mapping Location Tracking 
Security Artworks Estimating Time

Cases Where a GPS Tracker Comes to Play. (Both, Device and App)

You should know that a GPS tracker doesn’t serve just the binary purpose of sharing location information and providing added safety; it offers a multi-purpose solution.

An ideal GPS tracker will allow its users to gain on spot location of both people and things. You might have popularly seen GPS devices on vehicles, children, and pets. 

From mining to marine, agricultural to defense, there are numerous other applications of GPS tracking systems. With the help of GPS technology on your app, you can locate the latest Italian restaurant or book a hotel in your favored tourist hotspot. You can receive quick alerts as soon as your shipment is out for delivery. 

First, let’s talk about vehicle GPS tracking.

Currently, a GPS tracker for vehicles is synonymous with safety. A GPS tracking device can be used only for one vehicle at a time. It can of course be used again on a different vehicle, especially if it is a wireless one 

It can tell detailed information about a vehicle’s current whereabouts, the places the car has visited in the past, and the duration for which a car seemed at rest. It can even tell the amount of fuel that remains in the tank.

GPS trackers notify of unsafe driving behavior. Geofencing can also alert you or your driver if the vehicle has entered an accident-prone area. With information on speeding and rash driving in real-time, you can alert the driver to be attentive and vigilant. 

Now, let’s speak about using GPS to track your assets and other precious belongings

Almost 80% of all GPS trackers users employ the technology to take care of all the important things, including all property and valuables stored or are in transit.

Almost every business associated with transporting and moving big-ticket items such as jewelry to expensive automobiles depends highly on movement-based alerts.

With the help of GPS, users can track any unusual activity. One can even find whether their belonging has been tampered with or not.

Did you know GPS tracking systems are widely used by each app currently installed in the cell phone?

They are even used by web browsers and search engines to tell your specific location and show you results relevant to your site. GPS tracking systems have become part of our daily life, more intrinsically than we actively realize.

GPS services to track young children, pets, and other people that matter to you.

GPS trackers are also popular for their accurate location update and quick alert facility- a technology apt for concerned parents, who are often worried about their child’s whereabouts. It can also be used to monitor elderly family members, teenage drivers, and pets.

Here is an example of a popular GPS device in case you’re out of time and need to make an urgent purchase.

Family1st GPS tracking devices are the most popular GPS tracking devices for personal use. Parents and other customers love them all around due to their extensive GPS tracking solution features. Apart from offering all-inclusive GPS tracking functionalities like real-time tracking, integration with Alexa, and immediate alerts, the Family 1’s GPS-enabled solutions are also affordable. The lowest monthly subscription rate starts at $21.95.

By real-time data transmission, one can get hold of their child’s location without being physically present. Those parents who have a special kid can even mark a safety parameter around their house or school. They will get informed as soon as they enter or exit the virtual fence you have set. 

Family1st GPS tracking device comes with an application that can be installed on any mobile device. A user-friendly navigation system and quick notification alerts (by messages and email) will let you live life without constant worrying. Your kid can enjoy bicycle riding with your friends while a discreet device shadows them.

The best feature of this device is its remarkable battery life of more than two weeks. Not just that, you can also link the device with Alexa, and now you can use audio commands to utilize the device.  

The device is protected by end-to-end encryption; your personal information is never lost in the process of locating your kid. 

Some popular GPS tracker apps include GPS Sports tracker, Find my Kids, Sygic, Map factor, and even Google maps. There are several other apps on the Play Store.

Now that we know what GPS trackers work for let’s help you find out which one between the two- A Device or an App, shall work for you!

General differences between GPS phone app and dedicated GPS tracker devices

1. Structure and Function 

GPS tracking device consists of 4 elements that work in integration- the global positioning system receiver, small computer, digital storage device, and cellular transmitter.

GPS trackers are entirely designed to track real-time location every instant. In short, they take location tracking to a whole new level. Tracking is not just an auxiliary function. Instead, the entire device is optimized to track real-time location, using dedicated software that produces highly accurate tracking results.

GPS app works by receiving cellular data to assist your geolocation; your phone carrier collects this data from the cell towers.

GPS apps are an extended version of GPS technology. They are considered the more budget-friendly option because users do not have to invest in a separate device. They have to download an app and be done! These applications are easy to use and allow you to share your location with your family and friends. 

2. Speed and Consistency

GPS devices offer uninterrupted results since they are solely operated to follow up. They are not used to serve other functions like calling and message. They can also work without a sim card. Nevertheless, they come with a sim card facility as real-time location service requires it.

GPS tracker apps, on the other hand, are generally located on your computer or smartphone. With background apps running within the same system, the GPS app might slow down or deliver late results.

3. Battery Life

GPS devices offer a long battery. They run on a battery that is specifically designed for using the GPS function. Often, GPS solution providers offer extended or add-on batteries as per customer requirements. 

Normally, phones are not designed with the idea to keep GPS functioning all the time. So, if you decide to use the GPS app manually, your phone’s power will burn sooner.

4. Customer Service 

Most GPS device service providers offer excellent customer service and support, solely dedicated to taking care of all the issues that might ever arise if you use GPS tracking services.

Generally, GPS apps do not have dedicated customer service, and you will often find yourself struggling with poor customer care services. Some GPS apps might be able to help you, but nothing is promised.

5. Mode of Operation

GPS trackers devices operate on global positioning of satellites, which actively gives precise location. You don’t need active data services on your Device to access the feature.

We hope you already know that GPS apps are solely dependent on cell phone signals compared to GPS trackers, which operate on actual GPS satellites. This might result in slightly inaccurate data, mainly because cell phone signals go weak quite often. Having a strong internet data service is mandatory for you to operate a GPS phone app.

We have discussed the basic differences between GPS trackers and GPS phone apps. Now we will tell you which device suits you better based on your personal choices


One of the biggest differences is discreet tracking. GPS tracking device allows you to track an asset or person without them knowing. However, if you follow another person, you will need to install an app on their device and choose to share their location on your device constantly.

GPS tracker devices have a customized mechanism for exclusive functions. People need GPS devices to track important assets every single minute, both for professional and personal reasons. 

Shipping and transportation businesses utilize GPS devices to keep track of their shipment. Their fleets often travel remotely and carry goods to far-off places. These businesses require a comprehensive GPS-enabled solution that not only offers them location information, but vehicle diagnostics, driving behavior, fuel consumption, as well as compliance with several regulatory bodies.

If the sole reason you need GPS tracking is either sharing your location information or finding where your family members are, you can go for GPS tracking apps. Often, people use GPS tracking apps to share their location or define their whereabouts.

GPS tracking apps will help you if you need location services for a short amount of time. If real-time data of each minute is not important, you can install a GPS app on your driver’s phone or ask your child to install the app on a cellphone they carry.


While using a GPS tracking app, everything boils down to one factor- the app has to be present on the phone or computer device of the person or asset being tracked. Only when the setup is ready will you be able to see results.

Remember, GPS technology is easy to use, works automatically, and can be used in combination with several other functions. It has become an integral part of our monitoring system. You can enjoy its benefits by buying a device or installing an app, whichever suits your need best. 

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