Help Your Teen Open Up To You


Having trouble starting a dialogue between you and your teen? Here are 5 pointers to overcome this common issue.

1)Try starting with a neutral topic.

2)Don’t pry. When they open up with you, enjoy the moment. It is common for parents to get excited when their teen opens up, but they make the fatal mistake of taking this as a green light to dive deeper.

3)Let family dinners be casual. The formality of a family dinner can add stress and make your teen feel pressured to perform.

4)Tell them about your teen years. We know you want to appear perfect in their eyes, but come on, you probably weren’t an angel when you were 16. Allow them to relate to you by being honest about your experiences as a teen.

5)Watch what they want to watch, with them. Try to enjoy it and see it through their eyes. Then you can discuss it the next day.

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