Help Your Teen Start a Business

With summer right around the corner, most teens are bubbling over with excitement. Grad parties, pool parties, TV marathons, and sleeping in are a few of the reasons high school students can’t wait to finish the year off. It is also an excellent time for teenagers to learn valuable skills like time management and work ethic.

Getting a summer job, even if only part-time, is priceless for many reasons. Starting off as a barista, baby-sitter or at a car wash will help them afford their own fashionable clothes, as well as help them to learn the value of a dollar. Volunteering is another great way for teens to stay busy through the summer while gaining a good work ethic. They can try their hand at the animal shelter, or local community center. These opportunities can be life changing.

Help your teen write a resume before they go out searching for a job. This can be a good way to bond with them as well. There are tons of good resume templates online for free. Your son or daughter can add their own creative flare to this document which will make it fun for them. By the end of the summer a high school teen should be able to add a couple highlights to their resume.

It is not unreasonable for a teenager to start his or her own business. If they know how to play an instrument, they can share that knowledge with a younger student over the summer for a small fee. If they are really into taking pictures they could offer to be the photographer at their friends’ grad parties. You could help them make their own business cards as well. The animal lovers out there can groom and walk the dogs in the neighborhood. This will teach them how to network and promote themselves.

The sky is the limit. Help your daughter or son realize how valuable the free time in the summer can be. Teach them to use it as a launching pad for a greater future.

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