8 Tips for Keeping Your Teen Traveler Safe

teen traveller

As excited as any teenager is to travel without parental supervision, a trip abroad can be nerve-wracking for parents left at home anxiously waiting to hear whether their teen is safe. Here’s a hint for those parents: you’re gonna wait a long time before you’ll get a phone call from a teenager who’s traveling.

  1. Protect your teen with travel insurance.
  2. Make a copy of their travel documents,
  3. Pack a travel medical kit for your teen,
  4. Enroll your teen in ‘STEP’, (Provide link)
  5. Have a discussion about personal safety,
  6. Pack a simple travel medical portfolio,
  7. Teach them to use a money belt.
  8. Consider getting a GPS tracking device. Visit www.family1st.io to browse our devices.

Ref. travelinsurancereview.net

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