5 Best Places To Install a Portable GPS Tracker In A Car

5 places to install portable gps tracker in a car

Owning a portable monitoring system means convenience, safety, productivity, luxury, and increased satisfaction. The device is energy-efficient, low maintenance, and low-cost and offers maximum value in return to business users and domestic users.

A portable GPS tracker can assure you the safety of the elderly, kids, pets, etc., and ensure peace of mind. If you have a driver and want to track your car to monitor the driver’s behavior and enhance the driver’s accountability, use a portable tracker to track the car’s exact location correctly. Many travelers also use GPS devices in their luggage and vehicles as a preventive tool to safeguard their things.

Thousands of people have been using tracking systems every day to track their cars. It is already a multi-billion dollar market. Currently, most people drive a vehicle with a tracking device. However, people are still wondering whether the tracking device is good enough! So, here we explain to you the numerous benefits of having a portable car tracker and the best places to install a mobile tracker in the car.

What are the best places to install a portable GPS tracker in a car?

It is crucial to address the most common question that people have related to their newly bought tracking device – “Which is the best place in the car to install the portable tracker?”

Keeping a tracker covertly and not exposing it to the outside elements preventing risk and potential hazards makes more sense. Therefore, people are always searching for the best places to put a tracker in their car. Here we suggest the best places to install your car’s portable tracker.


According to several experts, attaching your portable GPS tracker under the dashboard can serve many purposes at once. First, the tracker will be hidden and therefore less likely to be uninstalled or tampered with. Secondly, a portable tracker under the dashboard can get a good signal from the satellite and work seamlessly. Lastly, the tracker will be away from natural elements and offer you services for a longer time.  

Under the Seat

The people who want to hide their portable tracker device can keep it under the car seat. If this trick interests you, you will have to take out the vehicle’s seat and again install the same after hiding the tracker under it. You also might have to stitch the seat cover to make the device more discreet.

You can explore the best place to hide your tracking device inside the seat by checking the side cover and the upholstery. You will indeed find a patch where you can easily place the gadget. If you install the device on the sides, it will be difficult for someone to find it.

Under the Car

Another best place to install a portable car tracker is under the car. But for that, it is better to look for a device with either in-built magnets or a separate magnetic case.  Magnets will make it easier to fix the device on the metallic surface quickly. Also, one thing that you need to make sure of is that the device should be waterproof. It is a common scenario when the car passes through a minor water pit, and the bottom of the car gets wet. In this condition, a waterproof tracker or a tracker covered in waterproof material will keep your device intact against water and dirt.

Front or Rear Bumper

It might be challenging for someone to think that a car tracker is in the front or rear bumper. No one can see the same. It is nestled in the cobweb of wires, temperature, light, and more, making it one of the best places to hide the tracker. To do this, you might have to take the help of a car mechanic.

The rear bumper also has wires, and again, it is easy to conceal a tracker there. In the colony of the cables, it will be challenging to find out the tracker.

Under Carpets

Hide the tracker under the carpets below and also between the seats. Isn’t this a great option for a place to keep your tracker in the car?

Other than these places, you can get a bit more innovative and think of several other sites for installing the device. Such as, no one will believe that you might have hidden the device in the wheel well. You can also keep the device besides the cylinder or your toolbox.

Family1st Portable GPS tracking device for your car 

Family1st Portable GPS trackers

If you are looking for a GPS tracker for your car, then Family1st Portable GPS tracker is the best option for you. Its compact design makes it easier to hide. The device comes with 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities ensuring that you are always updated about your car’s location. Our tracking unit comes with an easy-to-use app that you can download on any iOS or Android device and access all the data you need. You can also set up security and alert preferences through the app. We offer a Geofencing feature that allows you to create up to 20 safe zones and receive alerts whenever your car enters or exits these areas.  

Equipped with SOS and location sharing abilities, Family1st portable GPS tracker can prove to be life-saving in emergencies. We also have a need-based service called Aggressive Tracking which you can activate from the app. The aggressive tracking mode can help recover your car faster in case of theft. 

Our portable tracker is affordable with the lowest subscription cost. There are no contracts, and you can activate or deactivate the service, whenever you like, without any hidden fee. We know that an emergency never looks at the time, and that is why we offer client support around the clock, through various channels. 

Family1st Portable Car Tracker: The Benefits


If your driver goes out of reach, you can view the last location and track them. This feature is highly effective in ensuring the safety of the driver and the passengers inside the car.

Enhanced peace of mind

If your driver has gone to drop your kids at school and their phone is unreachable, then in this kind of urgent situation, a car tracking device will always help you locate the exact position of your car. Remaining updated will enhance your peace of mind.

Fuel Efficiency

The GPS tracker provides data for the most economical and fastest route. You can maximize your fuel efficiency by redirecting your vehicle as per the suggested shortest route.

Vehicle Recovery

In case the thief steals the car. The tracking device can help you find the exact location, and you get a chance to recover it fast. Hence, it lowers the cases of theft and vandalism.

Low Insurance premium

The premium is lesser for the tracking system cars. OBD tracking devices have become quite prevalent. Now, insurance companies have started to offer discounts to safe drivers.


The device sends signals, and you can lower the downtime and prevent accidents if the device might experience failure.

Driver behavior

This device can help you monitor your driver and avert unsafe driving habits.

Report generation

You do not need to manually organize the data as the device provides an accurate and detailed report. You will always be aware of the driving history, such as time duration on a specific location, last location, and a lot more.

Wrapping up

A GPS tracker for cars offers blanket protection against several security and safety threats. You can use it to help your teen learn the basics of safe driving, or you can keep an eye on your elderly family member’s driving. With a well-placed GPS tracker, you can ensure that your car is not being used for unauthorized or illegal purposes. 

But the key to making the most of your portable GPS tracker is installing or placing it in your car in a way that it can perform its job without any interruptions. We have already discussed the best places to keep your portable tracker in your car. If you have any tips or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section. Happy tracking!


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