GPS Tracker Vs Bluetooth Tracker – Which One Suits You Best

GPS Tracker Vs Bluetooth Tracker

Whenever we buy a product, we must consider its various features. Does it serve your needs? Will it fit in your budget? Are you happy with the quality of the product? Is it a long-term investment? Or do you want something for a shorter run? You have to answer such questions when you buy a tracking facility too. When you buy a GPS tracker, one of the decisions you must make is to choose between a GPS and a Bluetooth tracking device. Buy a tracker that suits your needs. Whether for your vehicles, valuables, family members, or pets, it should be one that you feel fits your requirements and budget. Of course, both types of trackers have their differences, advantages, and disadvantages. So what are the features of a GPS and a Bluetooth tracker, and what does it offer you? And which one is better suited for you? Keep reading to find out. 

Bluetooth Trackers: What are They and How They Work 

What is a Bluetooth tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is a small gadget you can attach to your belongings for a smooth tracking experience. As the name suggests, they use Bluetooth connectivity to track an object and relay tracking information. We also call them ‘Bluetooth Tags’ or ‘Bluetooth Finders’. It is a wireless provider. You can attach it to any object by using a keychain. Bluetooth trackers use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Bluetooth 4.0 to connect the device to your mobile phone and transmit small amounts of data. 

How do Bluetooth trackers work?

Every Bluetooth tag has a signature that is unique to itself. After connecting it to a mobile device, the owner of the mobile device will also be familiar with the signature. The phone and mobile can recognize each other and remain exclusive. The unique signature ensures the safety of this information. However, if you give your phone to someone else, they will also have access to the code. Since the devices connect through Bluetooth Low Energy, the process is not very power-consuming. It uses a small lithium-ion battery (also called a LIB). These are rechargeable batteries, so you do not have to bear the cost of replacing them now and then. Some batteries also come with a water-resistant case, ensuring long-lasting battery usage. 

Bluetooth trackers are often used to track personal objects that you lose often. These include backpacks, the TV remote, house or car keys, toys, etc. Since they are near you, you can find them easily. Some trackers come with a ring feature- you can ring them up to locate them. 

Features of a Bluetooth Tracker 

Here are some features that a Bluetooth tracker offers you. 

  • Battery Life 

As covered before, Bluetooth trackers usually offer rechargeable batteries. They use batteries made of lithium-ion and sometimes come with a water-resistant case. There are also some trackers with AA batteries that are not rechargeable. But most Bluetooth service providers sell rechargeable batteries only. 

  • Emergency Features 

Depending on the tracker you buy, you will also have measures you can take in an emergency. The newer models of Bluetooth trackers have inbuilt SOS alerts. They have alert buttons that generate a loud SOS alarm when pressed. If you are in a scary situation and need help, this feature will enable you to reach out for assistance. The loudness will indicate to the people around you that you need help. 

Additionally, as soon as you press this button, your emergency contacts will receive an alert. Since the device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, it will have access to your contact information. It will also send your location to them. Hence with your loved ones notified, you will receive help and aid immediately. 

  • Waterproof Case 

As discussed above, Bluetooth trackers are waterproof. Most devices in the market are waterproof now to keep up with the changing times. However, Bluetooth tracking companies are one step ahead of the trend. Not only are the cases water resistant, but also the internal parts of the tracker are made waterproof. It is one of the biggest strengths of Bluetooth trackers. You can always track your items efficiently. Alternatively, you can also check waterproof GPS trackers in case a GPS tracker suits your needs.

  • Tracking Range 

Bluetooth trackers are the ideal devices to track an object within a room. These trackers connect to your phones via Bluetooth, so they must stay within the range to work smoothly. Therefore, they are ideal for car keys, wallets, purses, toys, etc., and other small items near you. You cannot track vehicles halfway across the country with a Bluetooth tracker. Hence, Bluetooth trackers do not have a wide range. They are ideal for domestic use only. 

GPS Trackers: What are They and How They Work 

What is a GPS tracker? 

The working of a GPS tracker is slightly more complicated than its Bluetooth counterpart. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It involves over 30 satellites in space sending signals to these tracking devices- conveying data on longitude, latitude, altitude, and time (in a simplified manner, of course). This technology was developed in the 1960s for military use. The aim was to launch accurate missiles and rockets in space. Today, after almost a hundred years of development, GPS is used by most people with an internet connection. They are still used for military exercises by countries all over the world but have also become the backbone of various industries, for example, transportation. Without GPS, even day-to-day traveling would become hard for most these days. 

How does it work? 

We install GPS trackers in a vehicle, backpack, truck, or any other object whose location you wish to track. You can wear it as an accessory as well. These devices have a counterpart mobile app that you can install on your phones and laptops. Every tracker has at least four satellites coordinating with it from space, giving it all the information it needs to find the location. The minimum requirement is 4, but usually, there are 7 to 8 doing the job. 

The device, with the help of satellite information, will transmit its location data in a simplified format to the mobile application. 

Thanks to technological advancements, we receive more than just the location. If you attach it to a vehicle, you will also receive information on driver habits, fuel consumption, rash driving, etc. Therefore, installing a GPS tracker on your vehicle makes it a truly safe environment and is the best possible precaution you can take. 

Features of a GPS tracker 

The features offered by GPS are as follows:

  • Real-time location tracking 

With a GPS device, you can track the real-time location of an object or person from anywhere in the world! The information is relayed to you in real-time only through an app that is easy to use. You can access this information through your mobile phone wherever you are- as long as you have a stable internet connection. Unlike a Bluetooth tracker, the range of a GPS tracking device is quite broad. You can use it to track anything and everything almost anywhere. This factor also depends on the service provider you choose. With Family1st trackers, you can track vehicles and the people you love from anywhere you like! 

  • Customize Your Alerts 

You can choose what alerts you would like to receive with a modern GPS tracker. Do you want to know whenever your teenager is speeding and driving rashly? Or perhaps there are some boundaries you do not want your pet to enter and want a notification as soon as they do. You can receive alerts for all sorts of situations. When you buy a tracker, see what options they offer. You can later customize your alerts depending on who or what you use them on. 

  • Geofencing 

GPS trackers allow you to set boundaries on an online map. These boundaries are called geofences. They are easy to create. You can drag and drop a pin on the area you wish to be marked. You will receive a notification whenever the tracker enters or exits this boundary. It is an excellent feature that you can use to keep an eye on the older members of your family, your children, and your pets. 

  • Emergency Features 

GPS trackers come with emergency features to provide aid to you when you need it. With the SOS button, you can alert your loved ones. Sometimes they also notify the local authorities. Your location is sent to them immediately as you press the button, and help is on the way. 

So, which one should you buy? 

We have listed all the features that both types of trackers offer you. If you are looking for a tracker to track things within your household, a Bluetooth tracker is the one. It cannot track things that are out of Bluetooth reach and therefore has limited use. On the other hand, GPS trackers can extend their service all around the globe. So, if you wish to track your vehicles, children, family members, transit luggage, etc., a good GPS tracker is the one. 

Family1st 4G LTE GPS tracker 

The Family1st GPS tracker has been consistently ranked no.1 on Amazon. It is one of the top-rated trackers, and you can use its services anywhere in the world. It has more than a thousand positive reviews supporting its claim. 

Our family-oriented GPS tracker has many features that you can use to keep your family safe. There is always something you can use to ensure the protection of your family! As our name suggests, we always put your family first and are therefore committed to your safety. 

Some of the features you can avail yourself of with the Family1st tracker are as follows: 

  • Our trackers have the lowest subscription deal in the market- a nominal fee of $21.95.
  • The device uses 4G technology for connectivity. You can use it anywhere in the world with a 4G connection!
  • The Family1st tracker can be integrated with Alexa- Amazon’s voice service. You can use the tracker at the command of your voice.
  • We have the best battery life available in the market.
  • Our trackers are low maintenance and have a high return on investment.
  • We have a user-friendly app that you can use on your mobile, tablet, or laptop as long as you have an internet connection. 

Protecting your family is our priority. That is why we have a lifetime warranty on all our products. We also provide 24×7 customer service so that we can be there for you whenever you need us!

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