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While GPS trackers come in various types, ranging from plug-ins to hard-wired, mini GPS trackers typically feature a portable design. Here, we will walk you through the list of the best mini GPS trackers.

Portable GPS trackers are compact and more affordable, thus making them a practical choice. Typically, they are compact and easily transportable. You can use them to track almost any asset you desire.

Owning a GPS tracker is the first step towards the safety of your loved ones and valuables. Even with a thorough map study, becoming lost in a new place is common. In such a situation, a GPS tracker may be a lifesaver.

Here’s our list of the top five smallest GPS trackers in 2024:

  • The Family’s First GPS Tracker: Best Battery Life
  • Whistle 3: Best for Pet Tracking
  • AngelSense: The best affordable tracker
  • Trakbond Trail: The Best Tracker for Kids
  • Geozilla GPS Tracker: The Best Portable and Lightweight Tracker

Overview of the 9 Best Smallest GPS Trackers in 2024

While various GPS tracker types, like hardwired and plug-in models, are available, we focus on portable mini GPS trackers. However, portable mini GPS trackers are the most convenient tools to handle. Typically, they are small enough to fit in a pocket and are highly portable. In addition to being more compact, portable GPS trackers are durable and affordable. 

Here, we are providing a list of the nine smallest GPS trackers that function efficiently to fulfill your requirements for asset tracking and ensure the security of your loved ones.


AngelSense Tracker

Family 1st GPS tracker


Best for


Battery life

Pet tracking

Device Price

Monthly plan starts from $49.99



Key benefits

Reliable and accurate location and movement tracking

Compact pocket-size tool with efficient tracking capabilities

Small and durable, waterproof design


Companion app




Customized Alerts

Safe zone alerts

Alerts on crossing designated zones


Special features

Assistive speakerphone for communication

Water-resistant and sturdy design

6-7 days battery life



Trakbond Trail

Geozilla GPS tracker

Fitbit Versa 4

Best for

Tracking kids

Small and lightweight

Fitness Enthusiasts

Device Price

INR 4499 (around 54 USD)


INR 20,499 (around 245 USD)

Key benefits

Check the exact location of kids or assets on a live map

Seamless and trouble-free connectivity in many parts of the world

Analyzes sleep patterns and heartbeat and suggests the best workout

Companion app




Customized Alerts

Geofence alerts

Safe zone alerts

Location alerts

Special features

SOS button for emergencies

Sharing location data in emergencies

Integrated with Google maps



Apple Watch Series 8

Tracki Mini GPS tracker

Spot Trace GPS tracker

Best for

Wearable tracker

Discreet tracking


Device Price

INR 38,999 (around 467 USD)



Key benefits

Smartphone and fitness band in one

Access to location details through a user-friendly app

Compact tracking device best for solo trips and treks

Companion app




Customized Alerts

Crash and fall detection alerts

Speed alert notifications

Instant location alerts through mail

Special features

Blood oxygen sensor

Indoor and outdoor tracking with coverage over 190 countries

Worldwide coverage

9 Best Smallest GPS Trackers in 2024—Tested

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to list the best products on the market, not to review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features that cater to a wide range of customer requirements. While compiling this list, we evaluated the devices based on their cost, subscription plans, battery life, size, and installation process. 

We considered factors such as the countries they cover, the ease of use of their application, security, or other unique features they provide. We also looked into these vendors’ add-on services: a lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support, installation help, and more. The intention is to inform and educate the reader on the variety of options available in the market.

AngelSense- Best Affordable Tracker

AngelSense gps

We designed this GPS tracker to meet the needs of people with ASD. The mini GPS tracker inspires confidence in autistic people and provides a sense of security for their caregivers. Once you place the device on the person, you can track their every movement and route. Safety-wise, this is the best GPS tracker you can have for your loved ones.

AngelSense gives you the best results at an affordable price and can compete with devices even above the $300 range. Customized, sensory-friendly wearables secure the mini GPS tracker, necessitating the removal of a specific parent key. In addition, the 2-way voice with an auto-pickup speakerphone gives you an extra sense of relief. You can not only track your kids but also give them directions.

The mini GPS tracker allows you to create geofences and alerts you when your kid enters or leaves the customized area. In an emergency, you can share the location of your loved ones with rescue teams. Also, the device fully complies with school regulations. That means your child can wear it to almost every crowded place you can think of.

Product Highlight

  • 2-way voice with auto-pickup speakerphone
  • SOS button
  • Proactive Alerts
  • Live location sharing

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 2.4″ x 1.7″ x 0.63″
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Battery: NA
  • Battery type: NA
  • 24 hours of active battery life


The device is free, with a monthly subscription plan of $64.99 or $49.99 per month with a one-year contract. For an annual plan, you need to pay an upfront fee of $44 per month.

Family1st GPS Tracker- Best Battery Life

Family1st GPS Tracker

Family1st GPS tracker sits in the first spot on our list of the best mini GPS trackers. The small size of the tracker allows you to put it in a bag or in the car without anyone noticing. With its lightning-fast 4G LTE network, this GPS LTE tracker is ideal for tracking vehicles, kids, pets, seniors, and other valuables.

The Family 1st GPS tracker comes with a rechargeable battery of 2400 mAh Li-Polymer, which can last up to two weeks. You can hide this small GPS tracker anywhere in a vehicle, backpack, or luggage and track it via the app or the website.

The sleek design of the Family 1st GPS tracker allows for discreet placement in various locations. You can even place the GPS tracker under your vehicle with the help of the Family 1st Magnetic Case. Other features of this portable GPS tracker include low battery alerts, geofence alerts, and the ability to receive text and email notifications.

Product Highlight

  • Real-time GPS tracker
  • Pocketable size
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 14-day battery life
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 2.8” x 1.8” x 1.1
  • Weight: 3.60 oz.
  • Battery: 2400 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • The basic plan has two weeks of battery life for an hour of minimum drive time per day.


The device comes at a handsome price of only $29.95. The subscription plans begin at a low monthly rate of just $21.95.

Whistle 3- Best for Pet Tracking

 Whistle 3 GPS tracker

The Whistle 3 is one of the best portable GPS trackers for tracking pets. The lightweight tracker runs on GPS and thus covers a broader range than Bluetooth-based devices. This new upgrade comes with two modes: Whistle Goes Explore and Whistle Go.

Whistle 3 allows you to monitor your pet’s daily activities and how they measure up for age, weight, and breed. Its design for pets ensures durability and waterproof features. So, you need not worry about your pets, who love to jump in a puddle whenever they see one.

The battery life for this product is also exceptional compared to other pet tracking devices. The battery can last 6-7 days, depending on your pet’s activity. You can attach it to your pet’s collar without feeling its weight. You can get text, app, or email notifications when your pet leaves home.

Product Highlight

  • Small and reliable design
  • Nationwide location tracking
  • Longer battery life
  • Affordable

Battery and Specs

  • Size:1.8″x1.4″ x 0.6
  • Weight: 0.96 oz.
  • Battery: 1 lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Seven days of active battery life with a one-minute update


The device costs $129.00; if you purchase a one-year subscription, you must pay $228.00.

Trakbond Trail- Best Tracker for Kids

Trakbond Trail small gps tracker

If you are looking for a mini GPS tracker specifically for your kids, you will find Trakbond Trail quite useful. Based in India, this mini GPS tracker takes extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of your little ones. The small device has advanced features such as real-time tracking, a panic button, and a timeline view. And you get all of this at an affordable price.

Trakbond Trail comes with a pre-installed SIM card, and you get a free subscription for two months. The subscription includes unlimited data usage, SMS alerts, a mobile app, a secure cloud, instant support, and other benefits. There are no cancellation fees, and you can terminate the contract at any time. In addition, you get a 1-year warranty and lifetime support.

With this mini GPS tracker, you can create geofences and designate safe areas. The app will alert you, or you’ll receive a text when your kid enters an unfamiliar place that doesn’t fall under the pre-defined regions. On a live map, you can also see the exact location of your children or assets. Trakbond Trail has various wearing options, like a neck strap, a silicone case, and a lockable carabiner. You can easily attach the locator to your child’s clothing or backpack. The device has a trendy look and comes in various colors, so your child can wear it comfortably.

The only downside to this mini-tracker is its battery life. While the company promises a battery backup of up to 2 days, it may seem insignificant compared to the other companies. However, you won’t get such cheap plans with other trackers and all the services. Trakbond Trail lets you check the tracker’s location history and features an SOS button for emergencies. That being said, the company guarantees the security of your data.

Product Highlight

  • A small GPS tracker
  • Check the location’s history.
  • Wearable options
  • SOS button
  • Lightweight and durable

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 1.6″ x 1.7″ x 0.9″
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Battery: 3.7V, 600 mA/H Lipo battery
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Two days of active battery life 


A Trakbond device costs INR 4499 (around 54 USD), a pre-installed SIM card, and a 3-month free subscription plan.

Geozilla GPS tracker- Best Portable and Lightweight Tracker

 Geozilla GPS tracker

You can use another small-sized tracker to ensure the safety of your loved ones and the security of your valuables. You can easily pair the Geozilla GPS tracker with the app to receive alerts and notifications. Due to its lightweight design, you can easily attach the mini GPS tracker to your child’s clothing.

The Geozilla GPS tracker is available at an affordable price with a battery life of 5 days. The portable device is black, so it will not stand out if you carry it in person. It has a hard case pouch, which ensures your device can assist you even in unfavorable weather.

You can rely on this mini GPS tracker for the safety of your pets and kids. The Geozilla GPS Tracker will be your most reliable companion when you travel to new countries. You can trust this device to guide you whenever you feel lost.

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Blends with surroundings
  • User-friendly app
  • Affordable tracking services

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 8″ x 1.6″ x 1″
  • Weight: 1.05 oz.
  • Battery: Li-ion 520mAh
  • Battery type: internal and rechargeable
  • For 1-minute updates, there are 2-3 days of active battery life.
  • Six days in sleep mode (no activity)


Geozilla costs $79, and a $14.99 monthly subscription provides additional services, whereas the 1-year plan includes a $5.8 monthly subscription and a free GPS device.

Fitbit Versa 4- Best For Fitness Enthusiasts 

Fitbit versa 4 watch

The latest version of the Fitbit is the Versa 4, with an in-built GPS tracker. It is a lightweight watch that will help you fulfill your fitness goals. It has more than 40 exercise modes for you to choose from. It has an in-built GPS tracker for real-time location information while enjoying outdoor activities. 

It helps you plan your workout by analyzing your sleep patterns and heart rate, then suggests the best exercises to achieve your fitness goals without overexertion. Google Maps integration eliminates the need for your mobile phone when reaching a destination. You can use the watch itself to get turn-by-turn directions. It also helps you get all phone calls, texts, or alerts. 

There is not a single reason for you to dislike this watch. Let’s say you are a fitness enthusiast who aspires to excel in an upcoming competition. coming competition. In that case, you can choose this without hesitation. 

Product Highlight

  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Active zone minutes
  • 40+ exercise modes
  • Sleep tracking
  • 7-day battery
  • Water-resistant

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 9.72 x 1.13 x 0.49
  • Weight: 1.05 oz.
  • Battery: NA
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Seven days of active battery life


The device price is INR 20,499 (around 245 USD)

Apple Watch Series 8- Best Wearable Tracker

apple watch series 8 device

Another wearable GPS tracker with fascinating features is the Apple Watch Series 8. With reliable data insights, it helps you understand your health better and schedule your workout properly. It allows you to send a text, make a phone call, and stream music without your mobile. 

You can use these features anywhere in the world, making the most of varied workout options during your travels. It is customizable and you can tailor it to your needs and requests. It has plenty of safety features, like crash and fall detection, that will connect you with the emergency service in no time. It is a life-saving feature in an emergency. 

It is a durable device. As it is rugged, water-resistant, and dust-resistant, you can take it without worry. You can even take this with you while swimming. It has advanced health measures such as blood oxygen level, sleep stage tracking, and the ability to provide deep insight into women’s health.

The device is equipped with temperature sensors, cycle tracking, and the ability to estimate ovulation times retrospectively. It also monitors your sleep stages, helping you better understand your sleep cycle.

Product Highlight

  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Easy to connect and operate
  • Smartphone and fitness band in one
  • Waterproof design
  • Blood oxygen sensor
  • Always-On Retina Display 
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi and U1 Ultra Wideband chips

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 12.32″ x 2.69″ x 1.33″
  • Weight: 9.9 oz.
  • Battery: NA
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 18 hours of active battery life


The device is available for INR 38,999 (around 467 USD).

Tracki Mini GPS Tracker- Best Tracker For Discreet Tracking 

tracki mini gps tracker

Tracki Mini is the smallest GPS tracker you are likely to come across. It is an affordable solution that costs $28.88, with a monthly subscription fee of $19.95.

Tracki Mini, as the name suggests, is a mini device. It is no larger than a cookie, making it discreet enough for covert tracking. It is a perfect solution to track your new teen driver without letting them know. When a teen starts driving, it becomes crucial for a parent to ensure that they are driving safely and abiding by the rules. 

However, it is common for teenagers to engage in reckless driving activity. Sometimes, they may race with friends for an adrenaline rush, which can be dangerous.” But it is not safe. To avoid this, get a GPS tracker and monitor their movements.

The Tracki Mini will help you monitor their real-time location and driving behavior. It will send you a notification when it detects any poor driving behavior. This way, you can help them overcome it and avoid it. 

Product Highlights

  • Unlimited-distance, real-time tracking
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The system stores historical data for up to five years.
  • The SOS button, plus two extra buttons

Battery and Specs 

  • Size: 1.74”x 1.5”x 0.6” 
  • Weight: 1.26 oz.
  • Battery: 3500 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Battery Type: 1 lithium-ion battery 
  • The battery has a 5-day active life and updates every 1 to 5 minutes.


The device costs $12.88; for each device, a monthly fee of 19.95 USD is required, or as low as 9.95 USD for a long-term plan.

Spot Trace GPS Tracker- Best Durable Tracker 

apot trace gps tracker device

If you want durable hardware that can accompany you in the wild, the Spot Trace GPS tracker is an ideal match. Spot Trace is an advanced tracking system that allows you to track your movements in real time. Your family members can access your real-time location using the mobile application. Even in remote locations worldwide, it uses 100% satellite technology. It lets you track your loved one’s movement so you can always know where they are with real-time notifications. 

Another noteworthy feature of this tracker is its global functionality, ensuring you can rely on it no matter where you are. It has a decent battery life and lasts 10–14 days with a one-minute tracking update. You can reduce the frequency of updates to extend battery life, though this will limit the real-time tracking experience. Spot Trace GPS Tracker costs $55, and monthly subscription fees start at $14.95.

Product Highlights

  • Extremely compact
  • Allows for online tracking.
  • Sends you instant alerts through mail
  • It provides a vast range of uses

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 6.9” x 2.02” x 0.95”
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Battery: 4 AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92)—Installed
  • Battery Option: 4 AAA Energizer® NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH12) (separately)
  • Battery type: options of external, internal, and rechargeable
  • 10–14 days of active battery life with one-minute updates


The device is $129.99, with monthly subscription plans starting at $14.95.

Mini GPS Trackers: Why Do You Need Them?

The main purpose of a GPS tracker is to keep you informed about the location of your belongings and family. Smaller trackers simplify this task. Small GPS trackers make this task easier.

A mini GPS tracker is lightweight and relatively simple to use. On the map, you can create safe areas for your children and receive alerts when they leave the safe zone. The best mini GPS trackers come with more than enough features to give you a sense of confidence if you wander off the beaten path.

Another benefit of having a mini GPS tracker is that you can put it anywhere without others noticing. They also have an added benefit over the other GPS trackers. It can be challenging to persuade your child or pet to carry a bulky tracker, but mini GPS trackers are simple to attach to clothing or pet collars. To learn how these devices function, click here.

Final Verdict

Who doesn’t like to have an extra set of eyes to ensure the safety of their loved ones? GPS trackers provide you with the extra help you are looking for. These mini GPS trackers will keep you updated with your valuables’ exact coordinates at the touch of a button.

The best mini GPS trackers must be lightweight since you’ll carry them around the entire time. Whistle 3 and Geozilla GPS trackers can be good choices if you’re looking for pet trackers. When it comes to special kids, AngelSense takes the crown. If you are one of those people who wants multiple benefits along with the tracker, you might want to go for the Apple Watch or Fitbit.

So, you see, different trackers suit different needs. We’ve done our part by compiling the best for you. Now it is up to you to choose the one you think is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I use a mini GPS tracker?

Ans: A simple answer: anything you want to track! A mini GPS tracker works best to track children and pets. The size of these trackers ensures that your kids and pets can roam and play around freely. You can also use mini GPS devices for luggage, handbags, laptop bags, wheelchairs, bikes, etc. 

Q. How long does a mini GPS tracker last?

Ans: It depends on which GPS tracker you choose. Some GPS devices have a longer battery life than others. 

But on average, a GPS tracker lasts up to two weeks with active tracking and six months in sleep mode. You can further extend the battery life by lowering the frequency of updates. 

Q. How accurate are mini GPS trackers?

Ans: Generally, GPS trackers provide you with accuracy within 0.3 meters. For most devices, it is the primary parameter. Additionally, size does not affect the device’s accuracy.

Q. How do you choose the best small GPS tracking device?

Ans: When selecting the perfect GPS tracker for you, consider the following factors:

  • Battery life
  • Size
  • Connectivity
  • Price
  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Geofencing
  • Smart alerts
  • Additional features 

Q. Is there a monthly fee for using a GPS tracker?

Ans: You must pay monthly or annual subscription fees to enjoy the GPS tracking service. You have to pay this cost, as GPS service providers rely on satellites to provide accurate location updates.

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