Do you suspect your teen of using drugs?

Many parents believe their teenager would never use substances. This is not the reality.

Teens everywhere use drugs to fit in and to cope with stress. 90% of people who use nicotine, drugs, or alcohol began before the age of 18, says the Center on Addiction. It is better to nip it in the bud so to say, or to stop it before it begins. Prevention is the best plan of action.

What are the warning signs of teenage drug use?

Here are some tips for you as a parent to keep a check on.

  1. Kids losing attention in studies and school or college.
  2. Mood fluctuations or losing temper on small things.
  3. Changes in their friend’s group for new additions.
  4. Keep an eye on their social media activities.
  5. Monitor their whereabouts when they are out driving or partying.
  6. Casual check-in their room and hiding places for anything different.

Hear from expert Justin Wolfe, Clinical Therapist about “Warning Signs of Teenage Substance Abuse” which parent can keep a watch on in this video.

Our GPS devices help parents keep an eye on the location and driving habits of their teen. It has never been easier to know if your son or daughter is hanging out in places you deem inappropriate. We offer real-time tracking as well as a number of alert settings that send you a text, email or both when your teen is speeding or enters an area you specify as off-limits.

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