Don’t Lose Your Teen To Speeding?


Speeding is very tempting for new drivers. Teens are testing the waters and trying to gain life experience. Some mistakes can be made up for, and sadly, some can not. The consequences for speeding can be severe, including death.

Teens in the United States die in driving accidents  at twice the rate of teens in other developed nations, one study reports.

This is a heavy topic and were not here to bring you down, in fact, we have great news.

Traffic related deaths are very preventable.

Monitoring your teens driving will help you nip bad driving habits in the bud, before he or she gets points on their license, crashes the car, or worse.

Our GPS devices do a lot more than give the location of your teens vehicle. Our devices will send alerts to your phone and or email when your teen is speeding. Our customers tell us over and over again how helpful this feature is in correcting their new driver’s bad habits.

Let us help you keep your teen safe. Don’t wait to visit our products page to purchase one of our devices today.


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