EV GPS Trackers – Everything You Need To Know

EV GPS Trackers

From Tesla to Mercedez, every major automobile company dwells in the ‘electric car’ market, and there’s a perfectly explainable reason for that. It is widely known that electric vehicles are one of the most sustainable developments of this century and have had several positive impacts on the environment. 

Electric vehicles have been met with open arms by auto enthusiasts all around the world. The most exciting moments are always when technology seamlessly integrates with the natural world. They possess all of the capabilities of a conventional automobile in addition to several unique advantages.

Why Should You Go Electric?

As a result of the worsening climate change, a growing number of businesses are making their services and goods more eco-friendly than they have been in the past. Driving an electric vehicle contributes majorly towards saving the environment since they have very low operating costs and almost no pollutants. 

When traveling the same distance, the cost of charging an electric vehicle is forty percent lower than fueling a gasoline-powered car. Studies have shown that if one individual rides an e-scooter for ten years and travels 37 miles daily, the entire planet will have the energy and resources to plant thirty-four to thirty-four and a half years’ worth of trees.

The United States of America is a leading market for electric vehicles (EVs). As environmental concerns and rules regarding emissions come into play, the rising trend for electric automobiles leads to an increased number of electric cars being made available for purchase on the market. 

Despite the pandemic, the number of electric cars that companies sold doubled from three million in 2020 to 6.6 million throughout 2021

The electric auto industry is expected to increase to roughly 20% of total sales by 2026, so there is a vast market for customers who want to learn how to maintain their EV’s safety.

Why Invest In A Portable GPS Tracker For Your EV?

Driving an electric car sounds like a lot of fun, and they’re not expensive, but purchasing one is still a significant financial commitment. Unfortunately, it also includes the risk of stealing your vehicle and possibly much more.

Electric Car
Source: InsideEVs

Criminals go after electric vehicles due to their high resale value and the exorbitant cost of their components. Some versions of EVs increase in value with time, in contrast to cars that run on fossil fuels, making them even more appealing to thieves.

GPS Trackers nevertheless held their place as a guard to protect electric vehicles (EVs) against theft and have a significantly more functional advantage.

Benefits Of Portable EV GPS Tracker 

As a result, there is a vast market among owners of electric vehicles for high-tech GPS trackers that will assist them in protecting their brand-new vehicles. Electric cars’ everyday challenges, such as safety concerns, route planning, and maintaining a record of maintenance cycles, can be effectively addressed by vehicle monitoring systems. 

Easy charging 

One of the most significant challenges owners of electric vehicles face is the restricted range. It also serves as one of the primary reasons why some people are hesitant to buy an electric automobile, which brings us to the next point. It is not simple to find a charging station close by, so if you do not reside in a major city in the United States or Europe, it will be difficult to recharge your vehicle whenever necessary. 

Family1st portable GPS trackers’ navigational capabilities can be of great use to owners of electric vehicles in determining where to charge their cars. Depending on the amount of charge left in a vehicle’s battery, map markings and geofence zones can serve as helpful reminders for the vehicle’s owner to stop at a charging station.

 In this way, electric vehicles will never have their batteries run out, and you will be able to continue driving your car without being concerned about your mileage and your family’s safety.

Planning Ahead

Regarding the scarcity of charging stations, nobody would prefer getting lost in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery; you need to plan your route before getting on the road, especially for longer excursions with your family. If you don’t, you could find yourself trapped.

Tracking devices for vehicles regularly transmit and save location updates on the tracking servers in the cloud for up to three months. People with access to the tracker can observe paths that they have traveled in the past and adjust their travel plans appropriately. 

Owners can also adjust their typical travel patterns to shorten those pathways and chart out efficient routes for their future travels.

Easier Maintenance 

While electric vehicles have lower maintenance needs in comparison to other types of conventional cars, this does not mean putting off necessary repairs. Checkups of the vehicle’s engine, tires, and battery are essential because of their potential to impact gas mileage directly. 

You can easily install the Plug-and-Play Family1st GPS vehicle trackers on a vehicle’s OBD-II port. Once activated, they can communicate with the onboard computer of the motor vehicle. Because the tracker can read data from the car’s computer, you have access to the engine problem codes, and it can calculate the optimal time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance.

It is essential to keep your EV in good health and perform regular maintenance if you want to get optimal mileage; in this way, you will be able to use it from the recommended range to the fullest extent possible.


Even while it is evident that car monitoring systems are great for maintaining your electric vehicle and planning routes, the fact remains that safety is a primary concern for owners of electric vehicles. 

The usage of car monitoring systems, which provide cutting-edge capabilities that you may use to make your car safer, is becoming increasingly common. Geofence zones are an excellent approach to secure electric vehicles (EVs) when you are busy or occupied with a daily task. 

Monitoring devices can establish virtual perimeters for particular areas on the map where you have parked your vehicle for protracted periods. Your family can access the GPS tracker and receive quick notifications whenever they log in. Notification alerts are available whenever the car moves without authority outside the designated area.

Because electric vehicles are so silent, even if a burglar manages to sneak into one and start the engine, the car’s owner might not be able to hear anything unless they are incredibly close to the vehicle. Because of this, devices such as movement sensors and geofence zones can be of great assistance to electric cars.

Painless Insurance Claims

How can you provide evidence to your insurance company that criminals have attempted to harm your vehicle or tampered with any of its components? Family1st video-enabled GPS trackers capture everything on the road and inside the car, making it much simpler to demonstrate that you are innocent of any wrongdoing. You will be able to speed up the process of filing an insurance claim and save money on the prices of repairs and damages this way. Some insurance companies offer up to 15% discounts. If you want to know more about insurance companies that offer discounts for using GPS trackers then you can read this article. 

Family1st Portable GPS Tracker For Your EV

Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

Even while electric cars come equipped with several safety systems, more is needed to ensure the driver’s and passengers’ complete safety. Family1st Portable Trackers not only offer you peace of mind, but they also make it easier for you to keep track of where your vehicle is at all times.

Family1st utilizes satellite GPS information and provides you with portable trackers that are efficient and can deliver a real-time and exact location. 

Our OBD and plug-and-play trackers are the only ones that one can use to monitor cars, get traffic statistics, plan routine checks, and save gasoline. In contrast, you may use our portable trackers for various purposes.

With one of our compact GPS trackers, you can keep tabs on your electric vehicle. The tracking device comes with partner software that can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device and used to customize alerts and geofences according to the user’s preferences. 

Additionally, the tracker features 4G connectivity that provides coverage across the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. For an even more advanced and easy experience, you can also combine it with your phone’s 4G network.

The following is a list of some of the most notable features of the Family1st Portable GPS tracker perfect for your electric vehicle:

  • Cost-effective device
  • Low monthly subscription.
  • Ideal for EV tracking needs
  • Convenient and needs no professional installation 
  • Outstanding customer support 
  • Longer battery life 
  • It does not drain your electric car’s battery
  • Monitoring and notifications in real-time

For more details, visit Family1st now!

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