Start A Dialogue With Your Teen About Marijuana


Its 2018 and eight states have made recreational usage of Cannabis Sativa legal. This plant contains psychoactive chemicals and is more commonly known as marijuana, pot, or weed. Teens are calling it kush, loud, and gas.

What should you know about marijuana, as a parent of a teen?

Regular use of marijuana begins in the teenage years, research suggests. It is the most commonly used drug in the world. Some studies show that heavy use of pot in the teenage years correlates to a lower IQ in adulthood.

Know who your teen is hanging out with. Ask for names. Not just first names, but last names as well. Get to know the parents of your teens’ friends. Do they monitor their teens’ activities?

Asking your teen their opinions on marijuana is a good way to open up a conversation on the topic. Their views will be different than your own probably. Don’t jump on them if they view marijuana use as an acceptable pastime. The culture they are growing up in has contributed to this attitude of most teens.

Ask your teen who they look up to. You can point out to them that some of the greatest achievers in the world, such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, were all drug free. Encourage them to understand that they need a clear mind and healthy body in order to achieve their dreams. On top of putting their goals and health in jeopardy, there is the possibility of landing in trouble with the law.

Your teen may argue that marijuana is legal because it is recognized by officials as being harmless. This seems logical, however cigarettes are also legal. It is important to point this out to your teen.

Many teens are naturally drawn to sub and counter-cultures. They are in a phase of learning about the world around them and finding their way into adulthood. It is your job to help guide them by pointing out what is important in life. Remind them of the long term and the big picture.

Let’s face it, pot is not going away. It is only becoming more and more accepted in our society as time passes. Educating your teen and having an open dialogue on the subject will help them to gain understanding and decision making skills.

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