Teen Safety

Being an adolescent in today’s world has unique challenges. There are most of the same challenges that previous generations faced and then some.
Pew Research Center states that worrying about your kids is a defining trait of being a parent. Many parents worry that their children will be bullied at some point. Household income impacts how and what parents worry about. For example studies show that lower income families worry more about teen pregnancy.
The number one health risk faced by all teens is a motor vehicle accident. The CDC estimates between 7 and 9 teens die daily due to car crashes.
Violence, suicide, and drug use are also major risks for teens.
Luckily many of these risks can be prevented. Family 1st has created state of the art GPS monitoring devices that can be discretely placed in a vehicle, to monitor the location of your teen. Please check out our products today to keep your teen safe and out of harms way.

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