Why Family1st GPS Tracker Is Good For Raising An Independent Child?

Family1st GPS Tracker Is Good For Raising An Independent Child

It is undeniable that keeping children safe has always been the top priority for all parents. But in this modern world, it is equally essential to make your children ready to fight life’s challenges and deal with various complexities on their own. Parents need to focus on fostering independence and self-reliance in their children to promote self-confidence and decision-making ability. This needs you to know about the Family1st Portable GPS tracker. 

The industry giants support this idea of freedom so that the children can explore and experience life fully, by equipping them with the revolutionary GPS tracking technology. Portable GPS trackers with advanced features are available in the market and online to keep your children protected at all times.

So, the parents who are in a dilemma, whether to prioritize freedom or safety, can use Portable GPS tracker as it offers both. Here, we will discuss raising an independent child with a portable GPS tracker. We will know:

  1. Why is a GPS Tracker needed?
  2. Benefits of portable GPS Tracker for children
  3. How GPS Tracker is vital for kids with special needs?
  4. Features of the GPS Tracker, and more.

Let us begin discussing them one by one.

Why is a GPS Tracker needed?

Children Safety

We all agree that the World Wide Web – the Internet – has made everything easier. You can find almost everything – products, services, advice, location, and information – with just a few clicks. But as a parent, you are well aware of the nuisances of it too, and how our gullible children get the worst end of the stick. Even with parental control on all GPS Tracker is vital for kids with special needs your shared devices and strict scrutiny, the only way to stop the world of the internet from negatively influencing your kid is to adopt helicopter parenting. But then, how do you help them grow as a responsible and independent person? The answer is simple – get a portable GPS tracker from reliable vendors, like Family1st, and let your kids grow with a comfortable yet unbinding safety net. 

Some of the eye-popping facts are jotted below:

  • As per the Child Crime Prevention & Safety Center, a child goes missing or is abducted every 40 seconds in the United States.
  • As per F.B.I., nearly 840,000 children go missing every year, of which about 85% to 90% are children.
  • While some children are rescued within days and hours, some go missing permanently or for a significant amount of time.
  • In 2016, Child Protective Services agencies found evidence to confirm that, 57,329 children were victims of sexual abuse

This data is cited not to scare you but to know that the children are most vulnerable to threats such as abduction and abuse. And as mentioned above, people close to your kids pose a greater threat to them than strangers. Millions of children worldwide have to go through violence, kidnapping, abuse, and exploitation.

Though the threats are growing, there is hope too. The first step to solving these issues is knowing what can be done. This warrants us to take a step towards children’s safety. The key to solving these daunting child safety problems is a portable GPS tracker. This device makes it possible to create a world where children can focus on just one thing: remaining happy and safe always.

Importance of Freedom  

‘Our little people’ must be given the gift of independence. This is imperative to let them grow up with a self-belief that they can manage under any circumstance they face. It helps their mind develop faster, and they become more confident and competent people in the future. Curious minds become resilient explorers that help them excel in all facets of life.

Independence is something that children need to learn and practice. It teaches them not to feel insecure and vulnerable to external hazards. An encouraged independent child often grows into a strong and capable adult ready to accept the world’s complex challenges.

A portable GPS tracker allows the children to go to school, college, parks and gardens, events, playdates with other children, etc., on their own without needing the parent to accompany them. It is a device that equips them to move freely without any fear.

Children with Special Needs or Critical Illness

Children with special needs like the ones who use wheelchairs, are critically ill, or have mobility issues, and have more physical and mental health needs. They need parents or caretakers to remain with them all the time, to address their needs and ensure their safety. Under such circumstances, they fail to get the freedom they deserve. Due to the lack of space, it becomes difficult for them to remain encouraged about life and their mind also ceases to grow.

As per the studies published in the Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 30% to 50% of children who have intellectual and learning disabilities can face mental health issues.

Children with special needs go through tremendous pressure and face complex social challenges that impair their mental health. They are more likely to experience neglect, bullying, trauma, and restraint. Panic attacks, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and many other behavioral issues become an everyday norm among these children.

Children living with conditions like autism, dyslexia, diabetes, ADD, dysgraphia, etc., deserve to live a life similar to those who do not have such issues. The kids with autism have a habit of wandering away while the kids with diabetes are at risk of low or high blood sugar. The Family1st portable GPS tracker allows them to live life freely and takes care of the kid’s health.

Family1st Portable GPS Tracker for Children

Family1st GPS Tracker is one of the best solutions for keeping your children safe and allowing them to enjoy independence. The parents of the children who are using the Family1st GPS tracker need not change their schedule to accommodate children’s activities like taking them to parks, learning centers, etc. The kids can go on their own and reach their parents proactively, as and when needed.

Since the company provides advanced features in the tracker like an SOS button and Geofencing, Family1st tracking devices are known to be the best in the market. Family1st portable GPS Tracker for children is available at affordable prices too.

Family1st offers advanced features in their children’s portable GPS tracker. Some of the best features include:

  • SOS button: Using this feature, the children can contact their parents when in need. This feature ensures complete protection and safety of your child.
  • Geofencing: By dragging and dropping the pin, you can set a safe zone. If your child exits the designated area, you will get an instant notification.
  • Long battery life: Once you charge the tracker fully, it lasts for 14 days.
  • Customer support: In case of any help or assistance, the company’s customer care people are always available to offer the best service.
  • Easy Access to Location: You can use any personal gadget such as a PC, tablet, laptop, or phone, to locate your child anytime with just a touch of a button.
  • Portable: The portable Family1st GPS trackers are small, easy to carry, and comfortable to use.

Family1st GPS tracker helps you instantly know the exact location of your child, prevents the child from crossing the safe zone, sends alerts in case of any emergency, is moderately priced, and is highly convenient to use.

This tracker is the best gift you can ever give to your children. The tracker lets you know that your child is safe and helps you with peace of mind. It does not need you to be present with your children to protect them. The tracker allows your child to travel the world on their own, with independence and confidence.

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