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Best GPS tracker for pets: Family1st

As per the American Humane Association, at least 33% of cats and dogs go missing in the U.S every year. Most of the pet owners shared that they had horrified experiences in the past when their pets went missing. It is undeniable that even after best efforts and greatest vigilance, our adventurous dogs and audacious cats sometimes sneak out of the home. The noise and commotion outside are enough to distract them, and they start following the unknown route.

It is also common when the bird or parrot owners decide to bathe them and leave them open to dry themselves; they fly. Some owners take their dogs along when they stroll or hike. The energetic dogs often get ahead and later become invisible. These are super panicky situations because every pet owner prioritizes the health and safety of the pet the most. The best thing to do here is to get a pet GPS tracking device to prevent such scary situations and enjoy continued peace of mind.

Earlier, when technology was developing, this problem had no solution. But now, GPS trackers have come as a boon to relieve and delight us.

What is a Pet GPS tracker?

The portable GPS tracker for your pets is a device that helps you stay updated about the pet’s exact location. You can easily attach this device to the pet’s collar belt or leash. The pet GPS trackers are a safe and effective way to know the pet’s real-time location. The real-time tracking updates will make you aware of your pet position within a second, and you will not need the entire search team.

You can also set up alerts on the device. The pet GPS tracker alert system informs the owner immediately when the pet leaves the designated boundary. Due to the notification or alert message, you can directly track your pet’s location and rush to bring the pet back home. You can set up safe areas when you decide to take your pet out. This tracking helps you remain up-to-date with your pets’ location.

This lightweight GPS tracking device does not overwhelm the pet with its weight. It settles conveniently onto your pet’s collar. There are many superior features available in the portable GPS tracker other than creating safe zones, finding the pet’s position, and seeing their activities at an affordable cost. The best pet GPS tracking devices are also simple and easy to use, and you can get to know all the pet details in just a click.

What to consider while buying a pet GPS tracker?

The pet GPS tracking device is an absolute joy for pet owners. It provides the ultimate peace of mind and incredible safety features for the complete protection of pets. When shopping for one, there are certain things you need to consider to make your shopping worthwhile.

The first thing to know and ensure is that the tracker effortlessly affixes to the pet’s collar. The collar is undoubtedly the best place to install the track and ensure it does not fall off. Sometimes the GPS tracker is available with the collar belt in an in-built way. Some trackers can slide while some are clip-on.

Know the size of your pet to ensure that the tracker does not cause discomfort to your pet. Be careful of the material not to rub your pet’s skin harshly. Do enquire about the subscription rates too.

Ask the provider to acquaint you with the details like the range of the portable pet GPS tracker, how the tracker can connect to that distance, and a lot more. Go for a GPS tracker that has a long-lasting battery. Another vital thing to be wary of is to understand your pet, its habits, and activities to help you decide which is the best tracker that will best suit your and its needs.

The market has options of both costly GPS trackers and budget-friendly devices. While the costly one may be technologically advanced and hence expensive, even the affordable ones may offer some of the most outstanding features you might want in your portable GPS tracking device.

While the primary feature includes your pet’s location, some trackers also allow you to monitor your pet’s activity, temperature sense, audio alert, and more. With these features, you can keep viewing your pet’s activity levels, how many calories does the pet lose, what is the distance the pet traveled, what is the temperature the pet is in, and how has the pet behavior been. You can use forward details to your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s health and well-being.

You can also consider buying a tracker that comes with a pet camera. So, you can see what your pet is doing or traveling. But do not forget to check if your pet adapts to the tracker and is comfortable or not. A slim tracker is suitable to wear, while a bulky tracker will undoubtedly annoy the pet. However, since pets are clever and active, purchasing a robust portable tracker that can withstand scratches, bites, and chewing is imperative.

How do pet GPS trackers work?

You can sync your portable GPS tracker to an app on your devices such as smartphone, laptop, tab, desktop, and more. Using the same, you can view all your pet’s information, such as its whereabouts, activities, the distance it has gone, and more. You can also set designated locations, alerts, etc.

If you have multiple pets, you need to ensure that the app can connect with many GPS trackers. This feature will enable you to keep an eye on all of them.  

No matter which features are most important to you (and you have lots of choices!), a GPS tracking device will keep your furry friend safe and will provide you with peace of mind.

Some people also wonder whether they need a GPS tracker if their pet dog has a microchip. But they must know that the microchip is not a GPS device and hence cannot track the location.

Pet GPS Trackers: Benefits

Whether children or pets, they are a part of the family. GPS devices for pets have become increasingly popular as it gives freedom to your pet to explore the surroundings. Pet trackers relax you by informing you of the pet’s location, allowing you to set alerts when the pet leaves your safe area, map the pet’s travels during the day, and more. Here we summarize the top benefits of the pet tracker:

Let them explore

The pets love to run around and explore the outside. By installing the portable pet GPS tracker, owners can afford to open the door and permit their dogs, cats, and birds to roam around in the backyard and neighborhood. You don’t have to watch them and try to limit them in space. So, rather than getting anxious when pets are outside, use the pet trackers to remain worry-free.

Safe zone

The feature of setting up a safe area or geofencing is the best. The pet trackers send notifications if the pet ventures out of the proper location. Some pet trackers create sound vibrations and alerts if they go where they are not supposed to. Such a feature also improves their overall behavior.

Pet activity

Pet trackers also prove owners a peep into the pet’s activity. It allows a look at what their pets did and where they went.


Many pet trackers also provide detailed information, like pet fitness and activity levels. The device can highlight their movement levels and change from rest to high intensity. There are temperature checks too.

Locate when missing

The pet tracker’s last but most crucial benefit is finding them when they go missing. Pet trackers provide an accurate location, and you know where they are traveling. You know where to find them. Some devices also have codes that display the owner’s contact information.

The final word

It is wise to invest in buying the best pet GPS tracking device. All the pets like to foray and wander off, and you get into lots of worry and distress. Having a GPS pet tracker will make sure that there is no worry!

Today, pet trackers offer unparalleled security and encryption. Most devices have a tiny construct and a long-lasting and impressive battery life that can go up to several days. The lightweight GPS trackers weigh negligible ounces so that your pet doesn’t even know that it is wearing something in its collar. The portable pet trackers are also waterproof to sustain rains and water contacts. The GPS trackers are made durable and assure maximum privacy and security. The device also has different attachments, and the user can use it in many different ways and settle for the one that suits best for the pet.

Family1st provides GPS trackers that offer real-time GPS tracking, intelligent alert feature, a low-power compatible network, and progressive technology. The trackers available on Family1st are the best products in the market right now and deserve a look.


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