7 Best Commercial GPS Tracking Devices In 2024

7 Best Commercial GPS Tracking Devices

Are you a fleet manager or an owner-operator? Well, there is one thing you need to improve the workflow of your business and ensure its smooth running- Commercial GPS trackers. 

Investing in a commercial GPS tracker is extremely important and beneficial for your fleet. It provides you with the precise location of the truck in real time. It can also help you achieve different business goals, from improving driver safety to reducing the communication gap between you and the drivers. 

A perfect GPS tracker can help you to streamline almost every part of your organization, such as routing, employee management, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, dispatch management, etc. 

Now the question is- how will you find the best GPS tracker for your business? 

The answer to the question is subjective. It widely depends on your business needs and your expectations. You will have to clarify them to find the best match for yourself. 

Here in this article, we will explore some of the best Commercial GPS trackers in the market. You can check out their features and benefits and choose the one that can meet your business needs and requirements perfectly. 

Top 7 Commercial GPS Trackers In The Market


Matrack GPS Trackers

GPS Vehicle Tracker | GPS Vehicle Tracking System - Matrack Inc.

Matrack GPS tracker is one of the most affordable and user-friendly solutions. It can help you to stay connected with your vehicles or assets 24/7 in real time. 

It also sends notifications for events like tow alerts, ignition on/off, low battery, speed alerts, etc. In case of theft, you can switch to aggressive tracking mode to recover the stolen asset. 

  • Hardware
  1. MA-OBD Plug-in
  2. MA-Hardwired
  3. MA-Weatherproof Hardware 
  • Durable Device

Matrack offers high-quality & durable products. They can be your reliable partner in any journey. You can always rely on them irrelevant of the terrain. It is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using it in specific climate conditions.  

  • No Contract Or Hidden Fees

Matrack offers both flexibility and freedom. It does not buy few in any contract, whether short or long-term. You can enter our exit plan as per your need or demand. 

It also does not charge you any hidden fee, such as activation or deactivation, which makes this solution flexible. 

  • Location tracking

Another benefit of Matrack is that it allows you to stay connected with your vehicle 24/7. It helps you to provide maximum security to your asset from prying eyes. You can receive a notification when someone unauthorized tries to access the truck. 

You can also set geofences over your yard or parking area to ensure your truck is safe while you are away. 

  • Monitor driver behavior

Another significant benefit of the Matrack GPS tracker is driver safety. It provides detailed reports on the driver’s driving behavior so that you can identify any driver engaged in reckless driving activity. 

While safety is one of the biggest concerns for any fleet manager, Matrack provides real-time location alerts, speed notifications, and detailed driver reports. 

You can also look into individual driving behavior and take action accordingly. For example, if you detect reckless driving behavior, you can consult the said driver to provide them with customized training sessions. Alternatively, you can reward those with excellent and safe driving behavior. 

  • Route management

Matrack fleet tracker helps you with route management. You can access the real-time vehicle location & road conditions, such as traffic, weather, road conditions, etc., to plan the best route for operational efficiency. 


GPSTrackit Fleet Tracker

GPS Tracker Deters Theft - Fleet Management Solutions by GPS Trackit

GPSTrackit is a comprehensive solution that provides real-time location updates about your vehicle, allows you to comply with the prevailing rules, improves the fleet’s safety, and improves operational efficiency. It provides granular visibility over your fleet’s operation and enables you to make effective decisions. 

  • Hardware

GPSTrackit offers plug-and-play and hardwired trackers. You can choose one according to your wish. You can also purchase dashcams, ELDs, asset trackers, and trailer trackers for improved safety and compliance.

  • Driver Behaviour 

GPS Trackit provides several safety features that allow you to prove the driver’s safety in your fleet. It includes driver scorecards and safety alerts. 

The device will notify you when it detects reckless driving activity, such as sudden brakes, harsh acceleration, etc. You can also monitor the in-vehicle temperature while transporting heat-sensitive goods. 

  • Fuel Consumption

You can also monitor fuel consumption in your fleet with the help of this GPS tracker. How?

You can identify the vehicle idling in your fleet and restrict it. You can also analyze and choose the optimal route to deliver the goods. 

  • Vehicle Maintenance

GPS Trackit provides you with a detailed report about your vehicle diagnostics. 

You can refer to the same to schedule maintenance. It will help you increase your vehicle’s lifetime, reduce wear & tear, and reduce unexpected breakdowns & downtime. 

  • Alerts

You can also receive notifications for various events, such as reckless driving, vehicle maintenance, geofencing, etc. It helps you to pay attention to every part of your fleet without missing any detail. 

You can also create custom reports to get valuable insights about your organization. 


Verizon Connect Fleet Tracker

Verizon Connect Review 2022 | GPS Fleet Tracking Service Reviews - businessnewsdaily.com

Verizon Connect GPS tracker can help you to manage your business vehicles effectively, schedule preventive maintenance, and improve driver safety. It is a perfect choice for a mid-size fleet. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that you can customize according to your needs. It has various features that can help you meet your legal obligations too. 

It provides you with a real-time 360-degree view of your feet operations so you can stay on top of all your duties and optimize the use of resources. With better fleet visibility, you can restrict unwanted costs and use the resources to their full potential. 

  • Hardware
  1. OBD-II Device
  2. Hardwire Device
  • Customization

Verizon Connect GPS tracker is a flexible and customizable solution that you can alter according to your fleet’s demands and needs. 

  • Geofencing And Mapping

It offers geofencing features that allow you to create customized virtual fences over the map to get notifications every time your vehicle crosses the boundaries. You can locate your trucks on the map without difficulty using Google maps. 

  • Driver Safety 

With the Verizon Connect GPS tracker, you can monitor the real-time driving activity of the drivers, such as speed, engine start and shut down, and vehicle idling time. It helps you to identify any reckless driving behavior. You can use the statistics to help them overcome it and improve driver safety in your fleet. 

  • Safety And Security

Verizon Connect GPS tracker can help you protect your vehicle from unwanted activities. In case of theft, you can use the real-time location information to track and retrieve it back. You can also prevent the whole incident with the help of custom alerts. It notifies the owners as soon as it detects any unwanted vibration around the vehicle. 

You can also get notified if someone tries to use the check after working hours or take it beyond the predetermined area. 

  • Google Traffic Data 

Verizon also allows you to monitor real-time traffic on the road. You can refer to the same and choose the route to deliver the goods on time. 

  • Reports

Verizon Connect provides you with a detailed report about your fleet. It contains relevant information such as driver driving behavior, speeding, violations of the prevailing rules, vehicle diagnostics, fuel consumption, etc. You can use the same to make effective decisions for your business. 


Azuga Fleet Tracker

Fleet Management Software & GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions by Azuga

Azuga fleet tracker is a perfect solution to improve your business operation and improve safety at the same time. It is a simple-to-use, affordable, customizable, and easy-to-install device that differentiates it from its competitors. 

  • Hardware
  1. Plug-and-play OBD-II Device
  2. Hardwired GPS Tracker
  • Easy-to-install 

After spending fortunes on buying a GPS tracker, no one can afford other costs. But if you choose a GPS tracker with a complicated installation process, you will have to call for professional assistance. 

Azuga trackers are easy to install. Anyone can complete the whole process in just 20 seconds. It saves both time and money.

  • Azuga Fleet Tracking Software

You can log in to the Azuga fleet GPS tracking software to gain important insights about your fleet operations. You can access data such as accountability, vehicle maintenance, fleet efficiency, driver driving behavior, etc. You can refer to the same to make effective decisions for the benefit of your company.

  • Fleet Safety Program

Azuga GPS tracker can help you to improve the safety of your fleet. You can monitor the driver’s performance and know if they are engaged in any reckless driving activity. 

The solution also gives points to drivers engaged in safe driving activities so that you can acknowledge and give them awards. 

Your driver can download the DriveSafe mobile application that restricts and blocks any distraction, such as texting, calling, or app use while driving the vehicle. 

  • Vehicle Maintenance 

The Azuga fleet GPS tracker provides you with significant statistics about your vehicle. You can access the data to schedule maintenance accordingly and reduce vehicle downtime & unexpected breakdown. You can also receive maintenance reminders to send the truck for servicing before the problem becomes big and cost hundreds of dollars. 

  • Event Reconstruction

In case of an accident or any unfortunate events, you can prove the innocence of your driver and know what happened with the event reconstruction feature. The system collects the before and after of the event to reconstruct the whole accident. 


NexTraq Tracker 

Vehicle Tracking Device from NexTraq | Utility Products

NexTraq Tracker is an accurate & reliable commercial vehicle tracking solution that you can use to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and business efficiency. It provides visibility into your vehicles so you can manage the day-to-day operations efficiently. You can use the web portal or mobile application to get real-time information about your truck. You can use them to make better business decisions and manage your customer’s expectations. 

  • Hardware
  1. Plug-and-play Device
  2. Hardwired Hardware
  • Route Management 

The NexTraq tracker allows you to track your fleet vehicles in real-time. You can use the same to compare routes and choose the best one that helps you to optimize your workforce and resources. 

  • Improved customer satisfaction 

With the help of NexTraq GPS tracker, you can always stay connected to your vehicles and assets in real-time. It allows you to brush the communication gap and provide better customer service. 

  • Reduced Business Risk

When you pinpoint the location and status of your vehicles and assets, you can restrict unauthorized use of them after working hours. 

You can set geofences over your yard to ensure no one is using your vehicle for personal use. 

  • Vehicle Maintenance

NexTraq GPS tracker can also help you to streamline vehicle maintenance. You can view the diagnostic reports to identify any defect in your vehicle and schedule maintenance accordingly. You can also get reminders for the same, so you don’t forget to send the vehicle to the service center on time. 

  • Fuel Management

NexTraq GPS tracker provides you with a detailed report about your fuel consumption. 

You can get complete visibility over your fuel consumption. You can identify vehicle idling and restrict it to avoid unnecessary fuel and expenditure.

You can also compare the fuel consumed in two routes to choose the optimal one. 


Linxup Tracker

GPS Car & Vehicle Tracker | Linxup

Linxup tracker is an easy and affordable GPS tracking solution. It allows you to pinpoint the real-time location information of your vehicle over the map, complete your legal obligations, and improve the driver’s safety and customer satisfaction. You can use this to optimize every aspect of your fleet operation and improve your productivity. 

  • Hardware
  1. OBD-II Device
  2. Hardwired GPS tracker 
  • Alerts

Linxup tracker provides alerts so that you are updated for every event in your fleet and don’t miss out on any important ones. 

You can customize the alert according to your need and get only notified for events that matter.

  • Detailed Reporting

Linxup’s telematics solution provides insights into your fleet operation. You can access the detailed report through the web portal and use it to make effective decisions for your business. 

  • Geofence Capability

Linxup GPS tracker allows you to set custom boundaries over the map to receive notifications whenever your vehicle enters or crosses the location. It is a helpful feature for those who are often renting their assets. In this way, you can ensure that they are being used properly or not. 

  • Track Scheduled Maintenance

When you are managing a fleet, you are responsible for the management of several vehicles. You cannot memorize the maintenance date for each truck, but at the same time, you cannot afford to forget them. 

Linxup GPS tracking solution can help track scheduled dates so that you are always on time with preventive maintenance and can reduce vehicle downtime. 

  • Driver Ratings And Report Cards

Linxup tracker monitors the drivers driving activity and provides them with ratings and report cards. It helps you to understand the driving pattern of each driver and identify if any of them is engaging in reckless driving behavior. You can also use the same report to customize your training programs. 


Samsara Fleet Tracking Solution 

GPS Fleet Tracking Software & Solutions | Samsara

Samsara fleet tracking solution allows you to get the real-time GPS data of your vehicle and eliminate the guesswork. You can also estimate the exact delivery time and improve customer satisfaction. 

It provides you real-time visibility over your feet operation with bread crumbs trail so that you don’t miss any important event it also provides comprehensive reports that allow you to make effective decisions to improve the fleet’s operational efficiency and boost performance. 

  • Hardware
  1. Vehicle Gateway
  • Track Your Vehicles With Real-time Data

Samsara GPS tracker provides real-time location information of your vehicle. It helps protect your truck from theft and reduces the communication gap between the driver and the back office. 

You can also share the live location with your customers to allow them to track their orders in real time.  

In case of an unexpected breakdown or emergency work orders, you can locate the nearest driver and assign the job. 

  • Driver Safety And Performance

Samsara improves the driver’s safety and performance in your fleet. It notifies you whenever you detect reckless driving activity, such as aggressive cornering, rapid acceleration, speeding, sudden brake, etc. 

The solution also scored the driver so that you can understand the areas where they need improvement and organize training programs accordingly. 

  • Route Optimization

With the help of the Samsara GPS tracker, you can plan and analyze every route to find the optimal one for the job. You can also integrate with third-party software to simplify your routing and dispatch operation into a centralized one.

  • Time On Site

With the Samsara GPS tracker, you can know the time taken by your driver at each stop. It helps you to figure out if they are taking enough breaks during a long journey or not. It will help you to comply with the HoS rule.  

At the same time, it will also help you to identify if they are wasting that time. 

  • Fleet Maintenance 

You can stay on top of your vehicle maintenance with the help of the Samsara GPS tracker. You can access the detailed vehicle diagnostic reports through the web portal and schedule maintenance alerts accordingly.


No one can deny the benefits of a GPS tracker that it imparts to an organization. 

It provides you the ability to monitor your remote assets and protect them from theft and unauthorized uses. It also helps you to streamline fleet operations, such as fuel management, route optimization, improving driver behavior, etc. 

Apart from these, you can also use real-time data to make effective decisions for your business. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose a Commercial GPS tracker for your fleet and get ready to enjoy its benefits. 

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