ATV Security 101 – Using GPS Tech To Avoid Theft of ATV

GPS security for ATV

ATVs (all-terrain vehicles)  are used off-road, on dirt roads, or for recreational purposes. These utility vehicles are expensive and lightweight, thus prone to theft and accidents. Most ATVs weigh less than 500 pounds, have a powerful engine, and rugged body, and can cost you a pretty penny. Owning such a costly asset calls for proper safety measures against theft, accidents, and damage. Without good security offered by GPS ATV trackers, it is difficult to recover your stolen asset. So if you own an ATV, here are some things you must know.

Secure Your ATVs With These 6 Easy Tips

ATV security is not a challenging task if you know the correct methods. You don’t have to arrange a special vault to keep your ATV secured. All you need is a little effort and a small amount of money to keep it safe. Through some simple methods, you can protect your ATV and make its life longer.

Every method may vary in terms of expenditure. It depends on the amount of time, effort, and money you are willing to invest in ATV security.

Here are the six simple tips you can use to keep your ATV secure.

#1 Secure Parking

Finding a safe parking spot can be nerve-racking at times, especially outdoors. But, that doesn’t mean you should park your vehicles at any random place. Whether you are in an urban area or riding your ATV on a trail path, you need to research the proper parking places available in that area before going. 

On the other hand, if you have to park your ATV at your residence, make sure it’s indoor parking rather than outdoor. A small garage or any room inside your house would be safer than parking it outside your home.

It’s a plus point if you have a pet dog at your house who stays alert and acts if an offender tries to break in. 

#2 Well-Placed Security Camera

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera can keep track of what is happening at the premises. Installing a high-definition, night-vision CCTV camera at your residence will increase the security of your valuable assets and vehicles. You can get clear footage with evidence if anyone tries to intrude on your place and steal your ATV.

#3 Chain Lock System

What is better than recovering your stolen ATV? It never gets stolen. There is a whole host variety of chain locks available in the market. Manufacturers design these chain locks based on different types of vehicles available in the market.

These dedicated chain locks can secure your cars, motorbikes, and ATVs in any place you can hook them. By locking your ATV with a chain lock, you make it hard to steal.

#4 Locking the handlebar

One of the easiest ways to secure your ATV is to keep the handlebar locked, even if you leave it somewhere for just a few minutes.

People usually ride their ATVs in remote areas. They become a little incautious when it comes to locking their quad bike handle in such deserted places. Miscreants may take advantage of this opportunity. Due to its lightweight, ATV can be easily dragged and stolen.

So, keep this in practice and try not to forget to lock your ATV’s handlebar. Even if you want to park it for a while, it’s safer to latch the handlebar.

#5 Smart Security Alarm

We likely all know someone who has lost their valuables even after solid security. Nowadays, thieves are no more ignorant about loopholes in the security system. But there are still many options that they can’t beat. 

A security alarm is one of those options an offender may find hard to escape. An advanced security alarm will buzzer immediately after an unauthorized person tries to access your vehicle.

#6 Using ATV GPS Tracker

If you are highly concerned about the security of your ATV or your dear ones who ride it, a GPS tracker for ATVs is the best option. After all, you get to know their accurate locations at any given time. They come with a choke-full of features that can help you while traveling through unfamiliar places. Plus, there are many indirect benefits such as cutting the fuel cost, discount on insurance premiums, etc. 

You’ll learn more about the benefits of an ATV GPS tracker in this guide. But first, you should know who needs an ATV GPS tracker. 

Do You Need A GPS Tracker For Your ATV? Let’s Check!

GPS tracking has evolved with improved safety measures and the latest trends. An ATV GPS tracker provides you with a lot of intuitive alerts along with sharing real-time locations. It can alert you for reckless driving, harsh braking, unauthorized access, and many more activities. Now the question arises – Who needs an ATV GPS tracker? Let’s find out.

Trail Riders

If you own an ATV and are into ATV trail riding, the GPS tracker is a valuable security device for you. The advanced tracker assists in finding the precise location of your vehicle, even in remote areas. It will allow you to keep an eye on your loved ones and let them know if they are in a safe zone.

ATV Racers 

ATVs are a part of many sports like hill racing, treasure hunt, desert racing, etc. The tracking device allows the owners or managers of the racing team to check their position in the race. 

ATV racing tracks are full of hurdles like steep slopes, pits, trenches, etc. The racers may come across such obstacles and can meet with a fatal accident. A rugged ATV GPS tracker would provide accurate locations even after such accidents. It will eliminate the search process, and the emergency team can reach them immediately. 

Snow Plowers

ATVs are heavy-duty vehicles and can work well for snow-plowing. The problem with a snowy region is you never know about the distance of a blocked area. It may cover long routes and may take weeks to clear. The ATV snow plowers attach a GPS tracker to it. It helps them to send their locations in real-time and send alerts in case of emergencies.


Many campers find ATVs convenient for traveling. It’s a compact and powerful vehicle, thus helping them move along through various conditions of a forest or moor. But traveling through such areas can also stray them from the paths. An ATV tracker can assist you while moving through such confusing trails. It is efficient enough to keep up in harsh conditions, even mounted below the vehicle.


Due to their powerful engine and lightweight, ATVs come in handy for agricultural purposes. Farmers use them for field plowing and transportation. As the farmers have to cultivate the fields for many miles, they need to stay connected with their team. Moreover, they usually don’t have any safe place to park the ATVs and may leave them parked in an open area. An ATV GPS tracker comes into operation in such cases. It would help the team find the precise locations of a farmer. It also prevents theft by notifying them of unauthorized access and prevents theft.

ATV GPS Tracker – The Bodyguard Your ATV Needs

Apart from locating your ATVs, there are ample benefits of an advanced ATV GPS tracker. It assists in finding the directions, speed, driving behavior, and a lot more. Choosing a GPS tracker for your ATV would solve numerous problems regarding its safety and durability.

Here are some of the benefits of an ATV GPS tracker:

Improves Safety

The top-most reason to buy an ATV GPS tracker is the safety of the ATV and the people who ride it. It provides you with enough features that help in improving their security even if you are away.

Real-Time Tracking

The advanced ATV tracking comes with real-time location tracking, so you can find the exact positions whenever and wherever you want. For instance, you are out of town, and a teen in your family has gone for a trail ride. You can monitor their whereabouts without bothering them through the companion app. By knowing their location, you can be carefree or forbid them to ride in an unsafe place.

Intuitive Alert System

The intuitive alert system of the advanced tracker lets you know about various activities and alarming situations occurring with the vehicle. An efficient tracking device would provide you with these alerts:

  • Alert On Theft: The tracker notifies you if an unknown person is trying to steal the ATV.
  • Alert On Towing: If you park your ATV at the wrong spot and traffic police try to tow it, you will get a notification. The motion sensor in the tracker would note the movement and trigger an alert. This way, you can save time by avoiding trouble finding your vehicle.
  • Warning On Reckless Driving: The ATV GPS tracker can also send alerts on speeding and harsh braking. You can warn the rider about their reckless driving and ask them to improve.
  • Geofencing Alert: You can set a preset zone in the companion app and forbid the rider to cross that area. The tracker will send you an alert if the ATV exits or enters that preset area.
  • Alert On Riding During Late Hours: Riding an ATV during late hours is unsafe. An ATV GPS tracker can send an alert if any of your dear ones try to take that risk.
  • Low Battery Alert: Knowing when your tracker’s battery will drain can save you from trouble. An intuitive tracking device aids you with this simple but useful feature.
  • Lifeline In Emergencies: ATVs are sturdy yet fast vehicles. Their average speed is 65 miles per hour and can reach 60 miles per hour. With such speed, they have the possibility of meeting with accidents. In such emergencies, the ATV GPS tracker can be lifesaving. The super handy SOS button can send alerts to customized contacts and emergency services at any time.

Recovery After Theft

ATV theft is common these days. However, it is possible to recover your stolen ATV if you act sensibly and attach a tracking device to it. You would get the real-time locations of your vehicle even after the theft. Sharing the accurate position with law enforcement would help you recover your stolen ATV.

Works In Damp Areas

You might ride the ATV in damp, muddy, or rainy areas. The ATV GPS trackers are waterproof devices and can work for you in such areas. Waterproof tracking devices like the Matrack Classic Asset tracker can work well in such areas.

Enhance Route Planning

Using a GPS tracker makes you know an area like the back of your hand. You learn all the routes and choose the best one for your next ride.

Minimize Fuel Cost

Proper route planning means choosing short and smooth paths for your journey. Choosing such routes would lower the fuel consumption and decrease your overall cost for a ride.

Reduces Insurance Cost

Many insurance companies check your habits and maintenance regarding vehicle safety. They rank you better if they find a GPS tracker installed in your ATV. Consequently, they offer you a discount on the insurance premium.

Eliminates Other Tech/Tools

A cost-effective GPS tracker will eliminate the use of extra utility tools such as a compass, cell phone GPS tracking, security alarm, etc.


Q: How much do you need to pay for ATV GPS Tracking?

A: The average price of an ATV GPS tracker is $25. Their monthly subscription comes between $20 to $30.

Q: What are the other uses of ATV trackers?

A: An ATV GPS tracker can help you track kids, teens, the elderly, assets, and other vehicles.

Q: How to mount an ATV GPS tracker?

A: You can either put the tracker in your pocket or mount it on the surface of the ATV. You can use the magnetic case or mounting brackets for a firm grip on the surface.

Taking Everything Into Account

An ATV GPS tracker should be portable, easy to setup, and provide you with all the security solutions at a reasonable price. Cost-efficient tracking devices like the Family1st Portable GPS tracker can be an ideal choice for the security of your ATV and loved ones.

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