How Micro GPS Tracking Chips Work?

Micro GPS Tracking Chips

GPS technology has been amazingly beneficial by helping us track assets, monitor movements, and recover lost or stolen items. The GPS-enabled devices fixed to your items keep sending a signal so that you can have a clear idea about their location and movements at any time. 

Do you want to track the movements of people, pets, luggage, equipment, and vehicles with some small and compact device? Then a micro GPS chip can be your best option. These small, lightweight tools can be attached to nearly any object to keep track of it. Their compact sizes make them portable and almost undetectable. 

Using the micro GPS chip, you can keep your valuable assets safe and traceable. You can fix it in the pet’s collar to track if it got lost or keep it in the children’s backpack to know where they are. This article gives you a fair idea of how micro GPS chips work and how you can track a person or valuables.

How do GPS tracking Chips work?

A microchip functions like a regular GPS device based on satellite-based technology. The Global Positioning System is a digital technology that tracks a physical item’s exact and real-time position using satellite communication facilities. The chip on an object transmits the location data to a controlling device such as your PC or mobile phone. 

A receiver or a tracking application installed in your mobile device accepts the information and identifies the microchip’s location. There are many ways to transmit the location data, but the most common are latitude and longitude coordinates. 

For example, you might attach a micro GPS chip to your laptop, jewelry, or high-value items so that you can find them if they get lost or stolen. You might also use them to protect your assets by knowing if something has changed the place.

Advantages of GPS Tracking Chips

Microchips are becoming increasingly popular in the world of tracking technology. They have many advantages over large-size devices because of their small size and lightweight. It enables you to embed it into almost any object, especially if it is very small. There are many reasons why people use micro GPS chips. The choice depends on how you use it and how much information is needed. The main advantages of using microchips are as follows: 

Convenient Tracking 

Micro GPS chips are easy to use. These are portable and send a signal which is relatively easy to receive. It makes real-time tracking of items more convenient without additional hardware or software. 

Easy to Install

The most significant advantage of the microchip is its small size which can easily be compatible with any small size items, unlike other larger GPS devices. It can easily be attached to the object and is not easily detectable, so the chance of theft and tampering is less.

Better Security

The risks of security breaches with GPS chips are low because the signal they send is small. It is easy to prevent anyone from intercepting the signal and keep track of who has access to your chip or tries tampering with it.

No Software Needed

The chip does not require software to install or connect to a computer. It allows you to use the tracking feature from anywhere while staying mobile.

Compatible with Many Devices

Tracking chips are compatible with many devices, including smartphone, watch, cars, bikes, and more. It enables you to take advantage of wide coverage and easy tracking.


These chips are environmentally friendly. These do not have batteries and do not create any waste on disposal.  

Family1st Tracking Device

Portable gps tracker | Family1st

Family1st Tracking Device offers a reliable and secret way to track vehicles, kids, pets, seniors, luggage, and all other valuables using its GPS devices. It uses a fast 4G LTE network and allows you to receive alert messages instantly to your remote digital devices. Its sleek and compact design makes this tracker easily attachable anywhere, including in a car, toolbox, backpack, purse, luggage, or seat pocket.                                                         

Use of Micro GPS Chips

There are various applications of micro GPS chips. You can use it to know the whereabouts of people while traveling, away from home, in school, or on any transport and ensure their safety and security. 

Using these chips, you can conveniently monitor your vehicle, luggage, or other assets. It provides the most relevant and valuable real-time information that allows you to make informed decisions. Use the GPS tool for various purposes that you prioritize as most important. The applications of micro GPS chips are as follows:

Tracking Elderly Members 

The GPS microchips have advanced tracking features that can provide solutions to safeguard aged family members. You can attach it to the person’s watch, wristband, or dress and synchronize it with your mobile app to enable you to keep track of their movements. 

You can even put it in the purse to track when someone moves out. It becomes easier to monitor whether they move beyond any predefined safe zone or if there is no movement for a long time. You can take prompt action accordingly to keep your elders safe.

Tracking kids

These chips can provide easy solutions to track your child’s movements and prevent them from getting lost or facing danger. You can put these small devices in your child’s bag or attach them to their dress, belt, etc. 

The chip sends real-time information like bus location, routes, and entrance or exit from school that helps you monitor your child’s movements and ensure safety. It is an aid to keep an eye on the child while at school and keep track of their whereabouts after school hours.

Tracking Assets 

Small GPS chips are perfect for keeping track of valuable assets during transit or storage. You can fix it on the item to see its location from starting point to the destination. By tracking your luggage, you can virtually watch your belongings when it is out of sight.

Microchips are most suitable for tracking items that are small but have a high value. If you’ve ever had your luggage or asset lost or stolen, it becomes easier to recover it with the help of this tracking device. 

Tracking vehicles

Monitoring vehicle location and movement using a GPS device is convenient and reliable. You often want to know the car’s location and follow the movements, which is possible by fixing the GPS chip inside the vehicle. 

This small-size tracker sends updates about current locations and routes and helps you record journey details available through your phone or computer. These chips are also often used in cars and trucks as an added theft protection measure. If the vehicle gets stolen or misused, you can track and recover it using a GPS tracking chip. 


The primary application of micro GPS chips is to safeguard valuable objects and assets. It facilitates the recovery of your stolen goods through location tracking. But they also have other uses, like tracking a mobile device or the movement of individuals. These devices are small and compact but can detect even the most intermittent or low signals.

This article overviews micro GPS chip functionalities, applications, and benefits offered. We hope to enrich and update your knowledge with relevant information on this advanced tool and guide you in making informed decisions.

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