5 Ways GPS Trackers Can Save Your Life In 2024

Hakuna Matata – or having a “no worries” attitude seems like an exciting way to live your life. However, there is no possible way to have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Every day brings with it a new challenge. 

You wake up and fret about getting to work, sending kids to school, and keeping your loved ones safe; the list is never-ending.

And to add to the stress, you have several other elements you have no control over. Here are a few:

  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc.
  • Criminal activities like vandalism, theft, abduction, and more.
  • Any form of accident – vehicle collision, falls, unlucky mishaps.
  • Home threats – fire, burglary, home appliance failure.

Moreover, if you have any family members battling chronic conditions like diabetes or autism, your concern for their well-being is bound to be off the charts. 

But lets us not talk about these stress factors anymore and look for a solution technology has to offer. An older but evolving technology popularly known as the GPS is the perfect tool to safeguard everything and every person you cherish. 

With the help of this technology, you can monitor the location and movements of someone and take all safety measures to avoid mishaps.

The GPS trackers use satellite-based technology to track the precise location, so it minimizes the chance of getting lost or diverted from desired routes, even if you are in remote and unknown places.

You may face any accident or dangerous situations while on a journey and generate alerts through the GPS tracker to inform any rescue team or relatives, who can easily track your location and come for help.

Some of the crucial features of GPS tools:

  •  Location tracking, 
  • communication, 
  • guiding routes, 
  • and giving feedback,

have been saving people’s lives in many ways. 

In this article, we will discuss how GPS trackers ensure the safety and security of individuals in different situations and enable others to save their lives by providing immediate assistance.

How Can GPS Trackers Save Lives?

The one pivotal feature of GPS tracking devices is real-time, accurate location data. This information has vast applications and has We have already established that GPS tracking devices have a bounty of life-saving features. Let’s take a look at how these really work. 

Saving children 

Many parents today want their children to be independent and be able to move out, like go to school, travel with friends, or visit some other places on their own. At the same time, parents are concerned about their kids’ safety and want to know their whereabouts. 

There are chances that they can encounter danger, and not knowing their exact location can be a terrible feeling. Social crimes also have made parents more worried and anxious about their children’s safety. 

The latest technological innovations in GPS tracking devices can help us feel safer and more secure by getting accurate information about the location and movement of our kids when they wander off to explore something or get lost somewhere. The tracker helps you find them quickly and gives you peace of mind. 

GPS technology helps keep track of people through smartphone applications that utilize GPS to track the phone’s location. However, many times a person goes missing without a cell phone, so there are products like wearable devices that you can place in backpacks and purses. 

These devices allow family members or friends to know the whereabouts of a loved one through satellite-based GPS tracking technology. The GPS trackers installed in school buses can help school authorities get all real-time information like bus location, route deviation, breakdown, driver’s performance, and even accidents. Accordingly, they can take immediate action and inform parents to ensure the kids’ safety by providing necessary assistance at the earliest.

The tracking devices also have alert features like an SOS button, safety zone alert, direction on demand, etc. that allow sending signals to the parents in emergencies. When you feel your child or someone is in danger, you can use the device software to quickly find their location and share it with others to provide emergency responses. In this way, GPS tracking devices can be an effective tool in saving lives.

GPS tracking devices are crucial tools that may help track children with special needs. These devices are convenient to use and can be worn as wristbands or attached to clothes, belts, or shoes. These trackers are great options for parents to monitor their children in a crowded place. 

The GPS-enabled tools provide regular information to parents by tracking the real-time location and movements of the child. So, to ensure their safety while giving independence, parents want to access the child’s real-time whereabouts to prevent them from facing danger or suffering.

Saving the -Vulnerable of Our Community 

Apart from children, women, LGBTQ, and seniors have always been soft targets for harassment, torture, kidnapping, and killings. If you have someone in your family that belongs to this group, you can give them a sense of safety with a portable GPS tracker. These small trackers can be discreetly hidden in purses, pockets, bags, etc. For example, your gay friend has gone for a job interview and has had to face harassment and violence due to their lifestyle. 

They can easily press the SOS on the tracker and ask for help. The SOS features allow the user to generate alerts and enable others to assist by tracking the location. It is essential to keep track of their movements using GPS trackers to ensure they are safe and send immediate assistance in emergencies. If they end up in a bad situation, the system can help track them and involve relevant authorities to tackle the crime.

Did you know that 78% of women are abducted and pushed into trafficking every year? That would genuinely make you worried for the women around you. But that does not mean that you can keep them indoors. Women will go out, work, and live their life on their terms.

With a GPS tracker, they can, however, solidify their safety. The portable tracking solutions send regular location updates to people who have access to the tracker. So even when your friend, sister, daughter, or mother is not available on the phone, making you worried, you can easily check on their location. If you find any discrepancy, you can call the authorities. 

The aged and elderly members are most vulnerable to danger and accidents when they move out to another place, like visiting the bank, park, or shops. There may be instances that an elderly family member forgets or lost their way back home. Under this scenario, a GPS tracker that is connected to your mobile app helps you to keep track of the person’s location and guide him to reach the destination safely.

The devices have facilities to set up safety zone alerts to send immediate notifications whenever the person carrying the GPS tracker enters or leaves that predefined zone. When you cannot monitor the elderly person physically, this feature helps you get information if there is any unusual movement or no movement for a long time. Accordingly, you can make prompt decisions and send immediate assistance to ensure safety.

GPS trackers’ fall detection or impact sensing feature allows you to get alerts when the device experiences any impact. The impact might be due to a fall or any type of accident faced by elderly members carrying the GPS device. You can immediately take action to provide necessary help and medical assistance.

The SOS button in GPS trackers allows the senior person to generate alerts in medical emergencies or accidents. The SOS or panic buttons allow for drawing attention by simply sending the location details to friends and family, who will respond swiftly. It helps to provide necessary help by tracking the real-time location of the person concerned. 

You can define an area with boundaries which is a safe sphere for elder members, and get an alert whenever they exit from this zone. It helps to take action and provide the necessary assistance by tracking the real-time location of the person concerned. 

Saving the life of travelers

Many people are passionate about making adventurous journeys, even to unknown places. They often prefer traveling by car, bike, boat, or trekking through unusual routes. There is a high chance that they got diverted from desired routes, maybe in unknown places and under risk, and might face problems that require an immediate response. 

The GPS trackers can help them follow the defined route, avoid potential risks, and allow others to track their exact location whenever required. Users can share planned routes with friends before starting the journey and on the go to help them monitor their movements. GPS technology allows for efficient navigation and prevents from diverting away and getting into unfortunate situations such as running out of fuel.

Here are the 8 best hiking GPS tracker options. Go and check it out

As a hiker, you may want to maintain contact with family members who can track your location and movements through GPS devices. GPS technology works on a satellite-based navigation system and provides accurate information about the user, even in areas with the poor network coverage. 

The tracking devices use an electronic map that gives step-by-step directions as you navigate and guide you to safely find your defined route to your destination, avoiding potential hazards. The tracking facilities keep you aware of the risky routes, adverse weather conditions, and potential dangers ahead to help you make proper decisions to ensure your safety

5 Ways GPS Trackers Can Save Your Life in 2022
Source: Fortune Tours

Suppose you face any unforeseen situation or encounter a danger. In that case, your GPS tracker helps you communicate with your group members or nearby rescue team, who can easily track your location and save you. 

GPS location tracking can be essential for those who venture into the wilderness and sometimes find themselves in life-or-death situations. There may be situations when he finds himself injured, deserted, or unable to move alone on a camping trip. In this situation, having a GPS device would help you receive quick help and medical treatment to save you, which is impossible without a GPS-enabled digital device. 

The SOS feature of the device allows you to send alerts in real-time along with current location details to the source of the response. When you are on a cross-country trip or any adventure camping, GPS trackers are found beneficial as you can keep in touch with everyone in your group and find out the routes to your next destination. These trackers confirm that everyone is safe and within reach for necessary help and support.

Saving drivers of fleets

The safety of your drivers is a top priority for fleet owners and operators. It starts with having well-maintained vehicles but should also focus on monitoring driver behavior and ensuring safe driving practices. 

A commercial GPS tracker can control aggressive driving by tracking driving behaviors. Better road knowledge, direction, and alerts will not only keep your drivers safer but will ultimately save the lives of everyone on the roads by avoiding accidents.

Most fleets use a GPS tracking system that keeps track of vehicle performance and identifies technical issues that need immediate resolution to avoid untimely breakdowns or failures. It enables you to create schedules with automatic alerting for inspections and maintenance activities. This system helps your drivers and maintenance teams to report and address faults on time, thereby avoiding failures or accidents on the road due to technical snags.

Most GPS trackers have built-in sensors that identify risky and unsafe driving behavior, such as harsh braking, overspeeding, steep cornering, and turning. The GPS trackers attached with AI-enabled dash cams can go a step further to provide fleet managers with clear visibility into distracted driving, traffic violations, and wasteful practices. You can send alerts to divers to guide them to follow safe driving practices and avoid potential accident risks, saving the life of drivers. GPS tracking will reduce the chances of head-on collisions with other cars. It coordinates and detects other cars’ positions and will be able to alter speed when necessary to avoid a crush. 

In case of any accident or impact causing the injury of drivers, the GPS trackers activate the collision alert to notify managers about the event and allow them to arrange necessary help and medical assistance to reach the location of the accident within a short time. 

The drivers also can communicate with the manager or rescue team through the GPS-based tracking system for immediate response and support. You can be sure that a GPS tracker can save the life of a driver in many dangerous situations. 

Saving lives during natural disasters

Natural disasters pose critical threats to human lives. It creates massive destruction and loss to humanity, often due to a lack of timely warning and under-preparedness. 

GPS allows more accurate real-time tracking that reduces warning time in case of hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. A GPS device also can measure controlling winds around the storms and help predict hurricane movements more easily.

Earthquakes are natural disasters that happen suddenly and do not allow much time to relocate, but still, a system of early alert can save lives in earthquake-prone areas. A new GPS-based warning system is under testing in areas where the chance of an earthquake is much higher. This system responds when your phone identifies a shaking and uses GPS to locate the epicenter of the upcoming earthquake. 

It can then send alerts to the people living in regions likely to be affected by the earthquake. It can alert the users before they feel the actual shaking, which helps people take necessary measures on time by leaving to find a shelter, moving away from the traffic, or shutting down industrial operations. It helps to save more lives by providing people with information as fast as possible and allowing more time to prepare themselves to move away from potential danger. 

Disaster management agencies utilize satellite-based GPS technology in search and rescue operations after natural disasters. It helps to locate distressed people through GPS signals and take necessary actions to save their lives. People trapped and deserted amid natural calamities can send alerts through GPS trackers that guide concerned authorities to reach them quickly and provide necessary assistance for survival. 


Over the years, GPS technology has been providing several benefits, be it in military applications, police investigations, transport, or domestic fields. 

One crucial feature of GPS is that it can save the life of an individual in many ways. We often face news about how GPS saved a child, an elderly or someone suffering from a mental illness or physical disability. One of the major revolutions is that GPS services are accessible to the public, who can use them to ensure the safety of individuals and peace of mind. 

The GPS tracker comes with a user-friendly app helping parents and children stay connected and safe. It helps you keep watch on your loved ones by monitoring real-time locations. You can provide them with remote support by messaging and guiding them. 

You can define a safe movement zone with exact locations and receive automatic notifications if the children, spouse, or elders leave that predefined zone. The app allows individuals to connect with their family and friends and, in doing so, imparts confidence and comfort to both parties. 

GPS tracker is an unbeatable solution for providing a reliable, affordable, and efficient security system for you and your family. You can save yourself from immediate dangers by getting alerts through the tracking device about potential risks when driving, traveling, trekking, or camping alone. 

A person trapped in a dangerous or uncertain situation can seek help by sending alerts through the GPS device with the location details to allow others to come to his rescue. 

A GPS device effectively helps to recover any lost, kidnapped, injured, or isolated person by tracking location details and sending assistance immediately. 

We should not wait for an emergency to occur but should take proactive actions to save ourselves with the help of technology tools. We have the opportunity and ability to locate our loved ones remotely and reach out to them in desperate times of need. 

You can be sure that someone will always know where to find you if danger or disaster strikes and arrange search and rescue activities when it is needed the most to save lives.

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