Dash Cams- Do or Don’t?

More and more people are placing dash cams in their vehicles nowadays. Some insurance agencies will use your footage to determine whether you at fault in case of an accident. Review and use of dash cam footage would largely come down to the individual adjuster on your claim says Lifehacker.
If you ever needed to defend your self in a court case, video footage would be your best evidence and proof that you are not guilty. Dash cam’s are not completely necessary, but they do not hurt to have, especially with a new driver in the family.
Here’s some of the top rated dash cams available on Amazon…

This unit only costs $23.88 and has great customer reviews.

Rexing V1 Cam

The camera linked above is more expensive, at $99, but has a gravity sensor that detects when a collision occurs, and locks that footage in place, making sure the important events are saved.

We would encourage parents of teen drivers to get a dash cam and one of our highly rated GPS devices. Family1st devices help parents keep a watch on their teen to ensure their safety. Please visit www.family1st.io today!

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