Raising Teens

Expecting the worst out of your teenager can be a negative, self fulfilling prophecy, says WebMD. A better approach would be to focus on their positive interests and build a relationship with them using these subjects of interest. Many parents fear that their teen is acting in ways that they deem inappropriate, but do not take the time to talk openly with their son or daughter. If your teen has a hard time opening up to you, maybe you should take the initiative to open up first. This shows them that they are safe to do that as well.

Mayo Clinic says positive attention is a must for teens. Assuming your son or daughter knows how much you love them is not sufficient. Mayo clinic also makes an interesting point that “unconditional love does not mean unconditional approval”.

Encouraging sports participation is key, according to this Reader’s Digest article. By doing so, teens will develop the ability to work in a team which is crucial in mostly every part of life.


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