Signs Of Teenage Depression

Depression is a very common illness that affects millions and yet we have not done a satisfactory job in addressing the issue. According to Mental Health Policy Org, about 50% of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders (3.5 million) are not receiving any treatment. It is important that you recognize the signs of depression in your child. Though your child may not have all of these symptoms, it is worth taking action even if you notice a few of these signs.

Signs and symptoms of teen depression:

Sadness or hopelessness

Irritability, anger, or hostility

Tearfulness or frequent crying

Withdrawal from friends and family

Loss of interest in activities

Poor school performance

Changes in eating and sleeping habits

Restlessness and agitation

Feelings of worthlessness and guilt

Lack of enthusiasm and motivation

Fatigue or lack of energy

Difficulty concentrating

Unexplained aches and pain

Thoughts of death or suicide

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