Tracking devices – A win for both insurance companies and families

Tracking for safety’s sake has become a must-have in today’s chaotic world. Companies have taken that step in trying to make it compulsory for their vehicles to be installed with tracking devices. This helps make sure their drivers are safe, which in turn helps companies reduce cost. This thought has trickled down to regular families who feel the need to keep their families safe in an unsafe world.

Insurance companies have also realized that this kind of device can help them give incentives to insurance holders in general and families adding teens on their policies in particular. Many insurance providers have their own devices and programs while some use third-party devices such as Family1st. The Family1stdevice can log drive time and mileage which is a great way for teens and families to reduce their insurance premium. Insurance companies use teens’ driving records to determine premiums and tracking devices such as the one provided by Family1st helps both the insurance companies and the families figure things out. This is a win-win situation all around.

Apart from monitoring the driving skills of the youth and adult, having this device helps control the theft of the vehicle with the stolen vehicle recovery feature. Using the Family1st app, you can create a geofence, a virtual perimeter around an address, and the device will alert you when it leaves the area. Monitoring the driving skills of the teen and monitoring the vehicle – there will be the peace of mind all around with Family1st.

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