Why Teens Lie?

Lying is not simply stating a fact that is not true. Lying happens whenever we cover up the truth, even without words.

Almost all teens reported lying, says this article from Psychology Today. Around the globe, in many different nations, scientists found that the things teens lie about are pretty similar. This includes, drinking and substance use, who they were hanging around, school, chores, and so on.

This study shows that it is highly likely that your teen lied to you about an important matter in the last year. The reasons why teens lie are obvious. Teens want to stay on their parents good side, of course. They want to avoid trouble and conflict. Teens also falsify information to keep their business separate from yours. They want to be an individual. That is important in their development, however parents should have some idea about what is really going on, that way they can decide if it is dangerous.

Teens don’t understand that their parents want to keep them safe. Parents often forget what it is like to be a teen. There is a general misunderstanding.

Starting a conversation about some trivial topic is a good way to open the door for communication, says this article. When the conversation starts about some heated topic, teens will usually shut down. So instead, try another topic that is not so serious.

If your teen is a driver, they have a lot of responsibility. Driving is not to be taken lightly by anyone, especially a teenager. It is important for parents to know the whereabouts of their teen. Having a Family1st GPS device allows parents to know for certain where and how their teen is driving.

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